Veronica Griego

Veronica Griego

Veronica Griego
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rio de janeiro

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It's hard to argue against the thriving, electric beauty of Rio. We definitely can't wait to expand WorldVentures into South America and take the party to Brazil!

blue eye

Suggestions of the best souvenirs to buy in Turkey including evil eye, ceramics, spices, carpets and copper.

In Greece and in Turkey , glass blue eye charms to ward against the evil eye are still regularly sold - very often to be pinned on a baby's clothing. A religiously devout as well as superstitious nation as the Greeks are, they will often wear a protective charm, or mataki, as well as the cross, around the neck.

A modern version of the evil eye.which should keep any negative feelings away from you! The sapphires add sparkle to this piece!