What house would your favorite characters be sorted into? Artist Isaiah Stephens reimagines all of your favorite Disney characters as witches and wizards.

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What It Would Look Like If Disney Princesses Went to Hogwarts, Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo


Ok only pinning this because she looks like me and is doing basically what any one of us would do in a really Disney movie

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Disney-fy yourself meme filled


100 Pieces of Crazy Disney Art in Traditional Disney Style Scar is King of Pride Rock

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100 Pieces of Crazy Disney Art in Traditional Disney Style


57 Things You Never Knew About Disney Princesses not sure all of these are true but cool all the same

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57 Things You Never Knew About Disney Princesses


Disney Princesses as sloths.... I have no words... XD

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If Disney Princesses Were Sloths...


Stinkin cute Eric and Ariel ... The Little Mermaid

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Actually it's impossible to be brave while you're scared because being brave is having no fear. Now courageous is a different story. Courageous means doing something even though you're scared. Thus they should have used the word courageous in not only this pin but also as the name of the disney movie because Merida did get scared and you can't be scared when you are brave

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Julie Jordan


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Disney Characters Illustrated As Pokémon Trainers!


I. Am. Dying.

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Disney ALL The Memes!


The snow glows white on the mountain tonight. For the sake of your health, please remain indoors.

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big hero 6



So true... lol

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An in-depth analysis of the Disney Leading Ladies

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We Did An In-Depth Analysis Of 21 Disney Female Leads


The Swan Princess, teaching little girls about how men don't think before they speak since 1994...

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Rapunzel and Flynn in Frozen! XD

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died laughing

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Poor Mulan... - The Meta Picture


I don't even know where to pin this but it encompasses both Disney and Doctor Who and that pleases me!

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Tale as old as Time by nfergason on deviantART


Once Upon A Time ended its third season by confirming that Elsa from Frozen is going to be a character on the show next season.

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23 Ways Dimitri From "Anastasia" Was A Major Heartthrob. YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES.

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23 Ways Dimitri From "Anastasia" Was A Major Heartthrob


1457766_10152141023784739_1704752670_n.jpg (720×960)

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"The Look" a la Disney


Here are a few cool tips, tricks and hidden gems for your next trip to Disneyland.

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16 Cool Tips, Tricks and Hidden Gems for Your Next Disneyland Trip


Disney : secret Mickey in all rides : things you didn't know about Disney : fun facts : Disneyland

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BEST #Disney

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The best and wittiest Disney comebacks…


BEST THING EVER MADE - this is hilarious :D


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Seriously, she's the most devious Disney Villain there is. | 24 Reasons Yzma And Kronk Are The Best Disney Characters Ever

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24 Reasons Yzma And Kronk Are The Best Disney Characters Ever