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    Kintsugi: Saving Broken Ceramics With Gold

    the japanese art of repairing with gold to create a perfectly imperfect piece of beauty

    Kintsugi: Saving Broken Ceramics With Gold

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    Ceramic Patchwork : "Zoë Hillyard is a Birmingham based artist and lecturer and was the diary-writer for Craft & Design magazine in 2013. She creates bespoke ranges of ceramic patchwork for the British Museum inspired by artefacts within their collection and exhibits regularly."

    Zoe Hillyard - craft&design Selected



    INSPIRATION // Have you already seen the new cup collection which Yoko Ono designed for Illy? It's awesome! #mendedcups #yokoono #gold #illy #artcollection #art #inspiration #coffee #smitprins #amsterdam #coffeelovers

    Yoko Ono Trusts You Not to Break This One Espresso Cup


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    To Repair With Gold. #Kintsugi #cartoon

    Connie to the Wonnie: To Repair With Gold

    A great read on the philosophy of beauty in imperfection: Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers: Leonard Koren: 9780981484600: AmazonSmile: Books

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    Adam Martinakis – Golden Boy digital art with the feeling of kintsugi repair, and a little #butoh found on, sourced to artist at sdc

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    Harriet Lawton - Handstitch Kintsugi Plate "“My current work innovatively explores a crossing over of the textile and ceramic surface. I explore the use of ceramic waste, highlighting the ornate beauty within discarded china fragments. Each material is handled like the other; ceramic is delicately cut to reveal hidden lace-like qualities and digital prints lose their fabric fluidity as they become 3D objects, alluding to the form of the ceramic fragment." harrietlawtonart....

    The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge - Harriet Lawton - Mr X Stitch

    Nancy Mims, The wind did it. Golden flower kintsugi, Duval Street, Austin.

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    "The Japanese Art of Kintsugi: Perfection Through Imperfection" Great article on the philosophy of #Kintsugi after the click. Brings everything together, short and sweet :)

    The Japanese Art of Kintsugi - Perfection Through Imperfection

    Kintsugi, Unknown on ArtStack #kintsugi #art (this needs research: artist, period) Classic Kinstugi artist would be unlikely to leave droplets of gold - this would be considered unfinished. #sdc

    Unknown by Kintsugi

    Kintsugi - "Can people mend broken hearts with gold?" A wonderful read by the writer Jennie Harborth. Kintsugi is once again a central metaphor in healing. (Click though to the post)

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    The Creative Process Behind Joe Rudko’s Art on Death Cab for Cutie’s “Kintsugi” Cover

    Creative Process || Joe Rudko's Art on Death Cab for Cutie's "Kintsugi" - Hum

    "When I look at the bowl, I don’t see damage. The break and repair have made it more beautiful. It looks to me like an artist has riffed on a Japanese poem of a moon entangled in the branches of a tree, and etched it onto the bowl." Howard Kaplan, Freer Gallery on Tea bowl, possibly Satsuma ware; possibly Kagoshima prefecture, Japan, Edo period, 17th century; stoneware with clear, crackled glaze, stained by ink; gold lacquer repairs; Gift of Charles Lang Freer

    Friday Fave: Tea Bowl | Bento

    - Victoria Erickson

    Pinstamatic - Get More From Pinterest

    Have a Heart: As traditional kintsugi melds with the contemporary world, I arrive at the deconstructed and reimagined work of artists such as the brilliant artist Korean Yee Sookyung #sdc

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    Anthem - Leonard Cohen "There is a crack in everything / That's how the light gets in" H/T to Petra Stahly for the wonderful connection to #Kintsugi

    Anthem - Leonard Cohen

    The Unknown Craftsman: A Japanese Insight into Beauty by Soetsu Yanagi

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    The Kintsugi Effect: Lit From Within! Paige Bradley broke a wax sculpture she spent 6 months making - cast the broken pieces in bronze, then reassembled them with a lighting engineer to produce this startling sculpture in NYC

    Riveting Story Behind that Striking Sculpture

    FLICK WERK: The Aesthetics of Mending Japanese Ceramics .pdf link www.bachmannecken...

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    Kintsugi (金継ぎ) (Japanese: gold joinery)— the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery to enhance the beauty of the piece.

    Kintsugi and the Art of Beautiful Repair

    Japanese Early Karatsu Imari Half-Porcelain Tea Bowl

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    "KINTSUGI Repair" interpreted on cloth: Gold joint Inspiration from repair of the ceramics. "It is Japanese traditional technique to repair ceramics broken in a lacquer tree and gold." Click through for more images from KOUNTRY.

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    A 16th-century Japanese bowl is made of stoneware with iron and ash glazes. (Freer Gallery Of Art)

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    Madara (spotted) Karatsu Sake Cup, Momoyama Period

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