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Kintsugi: Saving Broken Ceramics With Gold

the japanese art of repairing with gold to create a perfectly imperfect piece of beauty
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Riveting Story Behind that Striking Sculpture

The Kintsugi Effect: Lit From Within! Paige Bradley broke a wax sculpture she spent 6 months making - cast the broken pieces in bronze, then reassembled them with a lighting engineer to produce this startling sculpture in NYC


Riveting Story Behind that Striking Sculpture

"When I look at the bowl, I don’t see damage. The break and repair have made it more beautiful. It looks to me like an artist has riffed on a Japanese poem of a moon entangled in the branches of a tree, and etched it onto the bowl." Howard Kaplan, Freer Gallery on Tea bowl, possibly Satsuma ware; possibly Kagoshima prefecture, Japan, Edo period, 17th century; stoneware with clear, crackled glaze, stained by ink; gold lacquer repairs; Gift of Charles Lang Freer


Friday Fave: Tea Bowl | Bento

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Kintsugi and the Art of Beautiful Repair

Kintsugi and the Art of Beautiful Repair teaches that out of brokenness comes beauty enhanced by the repair.


Kintsugi and the Art of Beautiful Repair

"The Japanese Art of Kintsugi: Perfection Through Imperfection" Great article on the philosophy of #Kintsugi after the click. Brings everything together, short and sweet :)


The Japanese Art of Kintsugi - Perfection Through Imperfection

Harriet Lawton - Handstitch Kintsugi Plate "“My current work innovatively explores a crossing over of the textile and ceramic surface. I explore the use of ceramic waste, highlighting the ornate beauty within discarded china fragments. Each material is handled like the other; ceramic is delicately cut to reveal hidden lace-like qualities and digital prints lose their fabric fluidity as they become 3D objects, alluding to the form of the ceramic fragment."…


The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge - Harriet Lawton - Mr X Stitch

Adam Martinakis – Golden Boy digital art with the feeling of kintsugi repair, and a little #butoh found on, sourced to artist at sdc


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Have a Heart: As traditional kintsugi melds with the contemporary world, I arrive at the deconstructed and reimagined work of artists such as the brilliant artist Korean Yee Sookyung #sdc


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Kintsugi, Unknown on ArtStack #kintsugi #art (this needs research: artist, period) Classic Kinstugi artist would be unlikely to leave droplets of gold - this would be considered unfinished. #sdc


Unknown by Kintsugi