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Smart Ideas for Everyday Things!

A Start Guide to UX Design | Infographic ∵ Nice. Though I think over-valuing or over-specifying context is a great way to paint yourself into a corner. Context is becoming increasingly irreducible as computing becomes increasingly ubiquitous.

Imagine... John Lennon

A computer-literate mother gets drunk and uses Windows 8.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live here? This is a Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayas. We’d sure love to visit! Happy Travels!

May 24 marks the fifth anniversary of Facebook Platform, which seeks to "build the social web." It has certainly met those expectations.

lazy river in a house.....my dream

Yahoo's fall from grace is detailed in this infographic highlighting the company's decline by the numbers.

tall hedges surround a reflective pool, making quite a statement.

The Best Toys for Your Dogs

Abu Dhabi's Masdar City Plan. Why are we not incorporating these technologies in the United States?!

21st Century Quality Time