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Close-up of "Keukenhof Garden" by Allan P. Friedlander.

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A guy holds a diffuser over model Nancy Everett as she poses for a photo in the midday sun in Accra, Ghana. Photo by Nana Kofi Acquah (@africashowboy) for @everydayafrica.

DAKAR, Senegal: Just a five-minute voyage on a colorful pirogue from Dakar is Ile N’gor, so roll up your pants and take off your shoes, because wet feet are inevitable. West Africa’s hub for NGOs and international agencies, Dakar draws a cosmopolitan mix of travelers to its dusty downtown streets and surf-pounded coastline. It’s a city of hustlers and traders, bargainers and touts, eager to show you something or sell you something and not always dissuaded by a polite “non, merci.”

MOMBASA, Kenya: Mombasa's spice market sprawls across several city blocks, the traders reclining amid their wares of spices, figs and fruit. Photo by Nichole Sobecki (@nicholesobecki) for @everydayafrica.

Bubu, an orphaned chimpanzee found alone in the forest as a baby, swings from a tree branch with the help of one of the many park rangers who cares for her in Buba, Guinea Bissau. Photo by Jane Hahn (@janehahn) for @everydayafrica.

A woman rides a motorbike on a bridge over the Niger River in Bamako, Mali on November 25, 2015. Photo by Jane Hahn (@janehahn) for @everydayafrica.

The Garden of Eden! Masai Mara, Kenya. July 2015. Photo by Guillaume Bonn (@guillaumebonn) for @everydayafrica.

A young boy climbs a wall in Dakar, Senegal. Photo by Ricci Shryock (@ricci_s) for @everydayafrica.

Ginika, one of thousands of Nigerian law graduates called to bar, on her way to the big ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria. Photo by Tom Saater (@tomsaater) for @everydayafrica.

Cooling off during a break at the salt mines of Le Lac Rose, Senegal. Photo by Jane Hahn (@janehahn) for @everydayafrica.

Afro on purple. Silhouette of the photographer's daughter. Accra, Ghana. Photo by Nana Kofi Acquah (@africashowboy) for @everydayafrica.

Omotore is a 21 year old albino Afro hip hop artist in Lagos, Nigeria. He is using his music to voice some of the stereotypical issues his fellow albinos face. He is constantly been discouraged by even show promoters that he will never make it as an Albino, but Omotore is not giving up. He strongly believes there is hope for him to become successful as an albino. No doubt Salif Keita, the famous Malian musician, is one of them. Photo by Tom Saater (@tomsaater) for @everydayafrica.

Mariama, 10, and her pet monkey, with a re-purposed electrical cord for a leash, in Bolama, Guinea-Bissau, November 11, 2012. Photo by Holly Pickett (@hollypickettpix) for @everydayafrica.

Meet Hiccup, Sumner Crenshaw's studio buddy, an adorable little dachshund mix.

Sumner Crenshaw likes to use fun phrases associated with femininity or names of iconic women in her titles, even naming some after famous women. This one is named "Riveting" after Rosie the Riveter.

Three of Sumner Crenshaw’s paintings hanging in a client’s home.

Artist Spotlight: Sumner Crenshaw Illuminates the Secrets of Her Swirling, Curving Compositions