22 DIY Ideas to Create Dog Sweater

Dog sweater from a human sweater sleeve. Would need to find a rather large sweater to fit my Boston Terrier.

Puppy Potty Training

Dog Urine: Clean & Remove Dog Urine in Carpet FREE Recipe I have to try this.my carpet cleaner didn't take away the smell!

168 Lace Sleeved Sweatshirt.

Idea for replacing old sleeves with new ones: Light color lace sleeved sweater with golden necklace

saving your pet with cpr

Teach yourself doggy CPR. It’s always a good idea to know what to do in emergency situations. via Atchuup

17 Apart: How To: Make Sweet Potato Dog Chew Treats

17 Apart: How To: Make Sweet Potato Dog Chew Treats - has great info on making all natural dehydrated sweet potatoes!

Homemade Dog Treats Sweet Potato Squash Dog Treats Want to make your dog treats but not a master chef? Check out these easy Homemade dog treats just 2 ingredients! Print 5.0 from 11 reviews Homemad...

Easy Homemade Dog Treats using simple ingredients you already have in your house. Peanut Butter Oatmeal treats will have your dog doing tricks for more!

Witch hazel uses - Dr. Axe

How to Use Witch Hazel to Clear Up Your Skin Fast

acne skin sores bruises redness and swelling ingrown hairs psoriasis or eczema oily skin excess sweating varicose veins cracked or blistered skin insect bites poison ivy irritated scalp sun damage and

Marshmallow root benefits - Dr. Axe

Marshmallow Root: The Ultimate Gut and Lung Protector

Marshmallows are by no means a health food, but the marshmallow root from which they're made is one of the healthiest substances for your gut.

Dangerous Foods-Toxic Substances: What to and not to feed your dog

Winner of 2014 Best of Tampa Awards - Mattress Store Category

Remove Pet Odor with Essential Oils Info-graphic

Remove Pet Odor With These Essential Oils

Remove Pet Odor With These Essential Oils - Pets are a wonderful addition to our families, but they can often leave behind an unpleasant odor. Luckily with essential oils you can remove these odors naturally. So the next time your pet has a

Slippery elm for pets - Dr. Axe

The 'Emergency Food' Herb Every Pet Owner Needs to Have in the Medicine Cabinet

A Guide to Using Slippery Elm for Pets (From Wounds to Tummy Trouble, It Heals) By Jean Hofve, retired holistic veterinarian, author of Paleo Dog and other pet books and administrator of the award-winning website www.


Pancreatitis is a painful disorder that occurs in dogs when the pancreas becomes inflamed.

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The Scoop on Poop

The Bark site gave me decent info without freaking me out with the worst diagnosis.