could be a good drawing assignment: list of Idioms to illustrate ...i.e. wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Art Journaling for Beginners: 100+ Prompts to Teach You What and How to Journal: Rachel Ramey: 9781490324784: Books

maps are brilliant usually , then turning them into art priceless

IB Investigation Workbook

Drawing Foundations

Mark Making Worksheet made by Miss Allen

This IB Art workbook explores the concept of body distortion. Images are placed in a simple grid formation at the top of the page, with drawings and photographs cut out and painted around at the bottom; ideas morphing and developing from one medium to another. This results in a varied and interesting sketchbook page that suits the intriguing subject matter.

Sketchbook Assignments. Sketchbooks are an indispensable part of every artists life! It is where skills are strengthen and ideas are recorded and worked through. They are essential in developing creativity! Often sketchbooks are used in preparation for upcoming projects and practicing various skills. It should be a place where artists are completely free to experiment and find their visual voice.

High School Art Project: If Picasso Drew A Superhero. Talk about abstraction, creativity, color, representational vs realism, and portraits.

Sketching prompts.

Cute, and Functional, too.

30 objects from around the house 11/30 heaven in a bottle

149 sketchbook ideas

tiny insect photo booth drawings. High success, low risk for kids who struggle with "drawing right" What a funky idea!


Art Journaling Lettering with Valerie Sjodin

Sketch book inspiration. By Guilherme Dietrich

Sketchbook pages - Aileen Wright

amazing sketchbook

Identity/discovery sketchbook page


A* A Level Textiles portfolio by Halima

Drawing from observation - A Level sketchbooks by Halima

Identity/discovery sketchbook page

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