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Service Projects Kids Can Do--This is what we are doing on the MLK Day of Service. AND, there is a link up for others to share what they do to teach their kids to serve, volunteer in the community!

The Kindergarten classes celebrated Martin Luther King's birthday with a culminating "Peace March" throughout the school. We discussed MLK's dream of equality for all people in a peaceful world. The students designed signs and held them up for everyone to see as they sang the song about "Freedom". The students really enjoyed the "Peace March" and what a great way to use all our smarts to experience one of our famous Americans, Martin Luther King, Jr.

This art activity is intended to complement/supplement any Martin Luther King Jr. lessons you teach. It is a class poster-making project geared for grades 1 through 5! The art activity is a great way to begin a MLK unit or to cap one off. This lesson is an engaging and entertaining way for young students to work together to create a large multi-colored mosaic/poster/mural of Martin Luther King Jr. that captures the essence of Dr. King’s “dream.” It makes a great classroom focal point!

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”Martin Luther King Jr.