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100 Years of Extension

University of Illinois Extension is celebrating 100 years! Here is a collection of historical photos, posters, circulars, reports, and more, showcasing Extension's work over the past century.

100 Years of Extension

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Kankakee County Farm Adviser John Collier, pictured here in 1912, assisted farmers in improving their productivity and profitability. Farm Advisers, who traveled the countryside testing the soil of Farm Bureau members, suggested crop rotations, limestone or other soil amendments and advising on animal husbandry practices.

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Reba Wishes Cooperative Extension Happy Birthday!

Illinois 4-Hers donated 3 ambulances to the Red Cross during WWII after raising over $4,500.

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During WWII, victory gardens became a means for non-military citizens to assist in wartime efforts by supplementing their rations with fresh vegetables from the garden.

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  • Angela Fuller
    Angela Fuller

    Victory Gardens were popular in WWI as well (this poster is circa 1918) in America, Great Britain and Canada...

Homemakers touring remodeled kitchens in 1936.

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  • Rachele Sullivan
    Rachele Sullivan

    Look how far we have come!

1916 Home Economics Demonstration Car

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1936 Kitchen Tour Home: 'A kitchen sink with drainpipe and electricity from a home plant serve to make this home fairly adequate although the house is heated by stoves. The plumbing and the cupboards were self-installed by the family. They are gradually improving the house through keeping of home account records.'

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Bob Wolf, former PSEP Specialist, demonstrating the use of drift control products to minimize spray drift. Illinois Extension PSEP Specialists were among the charter members of the American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators founded in 1993.

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June 1927 - H.W. Mumford with John Russel at limed soil experiment field.

Full Historic 1952 4-H Calendar

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    Allied Trading

    I like all the things that happened to 4H!

Historical 4-H: Exhibitor's Tag at Illinois State Fair

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    Deborah Browning


Victory Farming During WWII, 1942 Circular

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    Ann Abbott

    Very interesting.

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    Norma Baron

    Not sure about Mr. Farmer ... but ... could use someone like him to cut grass in my yard!

Historical Study: Kitchens for Women in Wheelchairs (1960)

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Postcard of the Candle Lighting Ceremony, 4-H Memorial Camp (July, 1941).

Boys fishing off the dock at 4-H Memorial Camp, 1951.

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RURAL ELECTRIFICATION: This familiar power line design was new in the 1930s and made rural electrification more efficient.

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1942 Corn Borer Circular

An Illinois Garden Guide, 1957 Edition

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    Great board, but unfortunately the pins don't seem to be linked to a source for the picture where I might find more information.

1992 Agri-Business Feature

Pictured (L-R): Boyd's International 4-H Youth Exchange student from Finland in 1956, Vivian Corzine Boyd, Mr. Glover; U of I Extension Farm Advisor in Union County.

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1954 4-H Comic: "The Careless Caper: A One Act Safety Drama Starring the Hazard Boys, Fire, and Accident"

1950s 4-H Camp Songs

1956 4-H Club Home Calendar

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4-H Officer's Handbook, 1952

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"Children...Their Behavior and Misbehavior" 1976 University of Illinois Extension Circular

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