Serial Cut

” is the compendium of all the imagery of Serial Cut™, the Spanish design studio established in which that focuses on art direction for international projects.


If you haven't yet joined the social, video-sharing app, Viddy, this easy guide will get you up to speed.

The Alaska App

Official Mobile Guide to Alaska's Best Places Whether you're visiting Alaska or live here, The Alaska App is your ultimate interactive Alaskan discovery guide.


screenshot of Havaianas iOS application


screenshot of Circle - Who's Around You iOS application

Kapu Tickle Toy Camera

Kapu Tickle Toy Camera is a super-fun toy, which combines classic kids games and toys such as peek-a-boo, tickle tag and the jumping-jack puppet with modern technology!

The Cocktail App

Based on the famous cocktails poster by Konstantin Datz, you now have the world’s finest cocktails all in one greatly designed iPhone-App!

Bogga Christmas Tree

Decorate your own Christmas tree with this unique app.