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Attlee's Britain 1945-1951

Take a look at our Pinterest board, Attlee’s Britain, a snapshot of post-war Britain. This is a great introduction to our new online resource 'Attlee’s Britain: Planning for the future?'

Attlee's Britain 1945-1951

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The kitchens of the future. A prototype for a post war kitchen, which was shown at the British Commercial Gas Association’s Kitchen Planning Exhibition at Dorland Hall, 1945 (INF 2/44)   Transcript In the Type 4 Working Kitchen for a flat, Mrs. Findlow starts to prepare the evening meal. Buffet-type cooker, working table and stainless steel double sink are all arranged …

Post war kitchens - The National Archives

Lessons | Education | Topics | The Road to Partition Catalogue reference PREM 8/584

Education | Education | Topics | The Road to Partition

NHS glasses

Opera Opera Opticians Limited - John Lennon Glasses

The Empire Windrush: Jamaica Sails Into British History

The Empire Windrush: Jamaica Sails Into British History


Evening News cartoon, October 1948 From the British Cartoon Archive This image is under copyright, please see

Trailer advertising the National Health Service in the 1940s: www.britishpathe....

Leaflet For The New National Health Service - Scottish Version

Children and Young People From warfare to welfare 1939-1959

Children and Young People

This image is under copyright, please see

Clement Attlee

History of Clement Attlee - GOV.UK

PE Class at Milton Board School, 1903. Pre-dating Attlee's welfare state Catalogue reference: COPY 1/160

Guy's Hospital London 1897 (before the NHS) Catalogue reference: COPY 1/428

City of Wakefield NHS Guide book cover, 1948 - 1957 Catalogue reference: MH 134/6

Clement Attlee- my genuine political hero.

The British Scene: Community centre by A.H Hall 1939-1946 Catalogue reference: INF 3/1741

The 100,000th temporary house in Britain! January 1947

Heritage Explorer - Result Detail

The British Scene: London railway terminus by Grace Golden 1939-1946 Catalogue reference: INF 3/1740

Extract from the diary of Guy Liddell, Deputy Director General of the Security Service September 1946 - March 1947 Catalogue reference: KV 4/468

Photograph of a British Iron and Steel Federation House 1946 Catalogue reference: T 161/1367

Extract from a transcript for an interview with RAB Butler and Richard Montague Smith, a reporter from The Daily Mail 14 November 1944 Catalogue reference: ED 121/202

A snoek! The Illustrated Catalogue of the Fisheries of South Australia, from the Freshwater and Marine Image Bank 1921

Report on the use of snoek, a South African tinned fish tested in the Ministry of Food's canned fish division February 1948 Catalogue reference: MAF 256/88

Construction of temporary housing, July 1947

Heritage Explorer - Result Detail

Letter to Aneurin Bevan, Minister of Health from G.A Issacs at the Board of Trade 19 March 1946 Catalogue reference: T 161/1367

A prefab(ricated) house built in 1945 under the Housing (Temporary Accommodation) Act.

Heritage Explorer - Result Detail