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Body outlines in the block center - great science & math connection (count the # of blocks needed) It would be fun to compare the difference in the # of blocks needed for an older sibling vs.

Spiele sind fantastisch und herrlich! Die 14 schönsten, selbstgemachten Spiele für Drinnen und Draußen! - DIY Bastelideen

This would be great for practicing addition skills. How to make a unique bean bag toss game from terra cotta pot saucers and a printable (which you can get for free by clicking through!

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Fun with shadows for home entertainers via lemonharanguepie: Who doesn't love a good shadow show? This article from the January, 1930, issue of Modern Mechanics, covers the basics. #Kids #Hand_Shadows

:: Fun with shadows for home entertainers January, issue of Modern Mechanics :: Good for making shadows with the kids in the camping tent.

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5f9f8b6cf8409880e888ab22e52f2c6d.jpg 720×960 Pixel

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Bild 9/15 Mehr

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Party Ideen für die Olympischen Spiele

Party Ideen für die Olympischen Spiele

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