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Timeline of Europe and America

This sturdy wallchart covers European history from 1300 to present, including the settlement of the Americas. Major nations are shown in a side-by-side format so that the viewer can quickly see

Infographic: The Pritzker Prize 1979 – 2014 | ArchDaily

200 foot setback akin to telling architects but they can only build buildings that are rectangular or of a specific form it is a type of censorship the literates creativity in any level a deep understanding of the shaping forces

Evolution of the Office (ArchDaily)

Learn about the evolution of the workplace, from the very first office developed by the De Medici family to today's o.

Evolution of Chinese Characters and how Chinese Language Teachers are teaching them

This pin shows the evolution of Chinese Characters. Included are some facts about the language in general, and how Chinese Language Teachers are teaching them. The Chinese language is one of the oldest written languages, and is growing rapidly.