5 Tips for Managing IEPs

Teacher Helpline: How Can I Keep IEPs Organized

5 Tips for Managing IEPs Not my favorite part about being a school SLP.maybe this will help Tap the link to check out sensory toys!

Debunking the Myths about Dyslexia

Debunking the Myths about Dyslexia - It's important to be aware of some of the popular misconceptions and myths surrounding dyslexia and language-based learning disability.

Phonemic Awareness Activities

Epstein particularly points out how raced-based tracking in Oakland schools came to be by Lewis Terman’s doing. Terman’s tests were discriminatory in labeling students due only to their test scores which thus gave the reasoning to tracking in schools.

Teaching Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness Tips for Families from Northern Illinois University Reading Clinic

How should spelling be assessed?

Upon completion of this section, you will Understand the purpose of assessing spelling and what to look for in an assessment to get the best evaluation of your client/student

Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension

Comprehension of Fiction video by The Jerry L. Johns Literacy Clinic at Northern Illinois University Upon completion of this section, you will:

Writing Resources

Proper positioning, grasp, and kinesthetic memory are crucial to handwriting skills- stress can result if learning is challenged

How should spelling be taught?

Aaron Osmond, R-South Jordan, sent a shot across the bow of Utah schools in July by calling for an end to compulsory education