Story Stones. You can have the kids help you decorate the stones and then use them for story prompts later on.

story stones - kids pull out a stone and tell a story based on the picture. Thinking car ride, everyone adds to the story based on their stone :o)

Vintage ABC cards by Paul Thrubly

Crash Hot Potatoes

Printable Vintage ABC Cards - would love these as my ABCs wall cards in the classroom.

The Tao of Dr. Seuss for Parents, Educators and Even Politicians

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Seuss Berndt we should do a thing 1 thing 2 theme for next year :)

READBOX. So clever!

I thought this readbox idea was too cute. What a great way to connect reading to something kids are familiar with. Everywhere you go today, you see a redbox, so why not go to school and rent from a readbox. To perfect.

Infographic Study Tips

Studying for your final exams? Take a look at these study tips from Texas A&M's Academic Success Center to BTHO finals this semester! ✿ Self Study / eLearning / Learning Languages / Learning techniques / Learning Tips / Spanish Language ✿ Pin for later!

Musical Sight Words Game gets kids moving, dancing, grooving and mastering sight words

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: Musical Sight Words Game: Move, Groove and Read! Can be used with musical concepts too.

Working Memory

Using knowledge of student cognition to differentiate instruction - Reaching every learner: Differentiating instruction in theory and practice - ADD / ADHD

Apps to help students with dyslexia and reading difficulties.

Apps to Help Students with Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties. High assistive tech for kernels with SLD Dyslexia

15 Celebs with Learning Differences

Learning differences aren’t learning limits! Both Justin Timberlake and Will Smith didn’t let ADHD stand in their way of success. You can see whic Mehr zur Mathematik und Lernen allgemein unter zentral-lernen.

Infographic | Why is My Child Struggling in School?

Autism, ADHD, and dyslexia commonly impact children’s abilities to fit in with their peers and do well in school. Meeting with a pediatric autism th