Lined and quilted cheollik, found in the grave of the wife of Chae Muyeok (1537-1594), identified as Kim. Important Folklore Materials 109-1. It is believed that Kim wore this coat as an everyday garment. "The jacket-style upper part is rather short and under the armpits are attached a different kind of cloth called mu. The garment also has quite wide hoejang (contrasting trim) and samsu (cuffs).... As a garment from the early Joseon Dynasty, it has a right-angled collar."

금관 조복 (jobok)

구장복 (gujangbok)

Dongdari (Coat with Different Color Sleeves) | 19th century, Joseon dynasty | Seok Juseon Memorial Museum, Dankook University

리슬 : LEESLE 한복을 모티브로 한 캐주얼 브랜드

한복 Hanbok : Korean traditional clothes[dress]

철릭은 첩리帖裡, 천익天翼 등으로 불렸으며, 16세기 중반까지는 관복인 단령 밑에 받쳐 입는 받침옷이었으나 중종 때 이후 융복戎服이 되어 상하를 막론하고 착용하는 일종의 군복이 되었습니다.

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