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Companion to "Who Counts as What? Promise and Tensions of International and Domestic Diversity," part of the Office for Equity and Diversity's Critical Conversations about Diversity and Social Justice Series at the University of Minnesota. Co-sponsored by the University of Minnesota Libraries.
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This book discusses the implications for those involved in managing the organizational processes and those designing programmes and supporting the student experience.

Internationalizing the university

In a thoughtful and provocative way, this book provides a critical perspective on the rationales, benefits, risks, strategies, and outcomes of internationalization.

Higher education in turmoil : the changing world of internationalization

With different pedagogic practices come different ways of examining them and fresh understandings of their implications and assumptions. This book examines these changes and developments.

Globalisation and pedagogy : space, place and identity

Developing Cultural Capability celebrates a world that is multicultural and interdependent, encouraging operation beyond local and national perspectives. Conducting cross-cultural research is not new, but this book shows how narrative inquiry may be a particularly rich – and sensitive - approach in such research in higher education.

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As more and more countries move towards mass or even 'universal' systems of higher education, institutions other than the traditional universities have an increasingly important role in this provision. However, the role of these institutions and their links with the university sectors varies greatly depending on the distinctive traditions of education.

A contested landscape : international perspectives on diversity in mass higher education