Mary Lou devoted countless hours in community service through: leadership with adult and youth bowling leagues; league of women voters; poll worker; and registering voters. A modest, devoted, and outspoken woman and wonderful example to all. - Jo Anne Hayden

While raising your four children, you were active in the local unit, serving as President in the 1960's. As your children grew, so did you, moving into the District level first as Program Resources and eventually as District President in the 70's. In the 80's you started "Small Joys", a day care for 4 and 5 year olds. Many of our community were so glad their children's first school experience was with you. You have inspired many through out the years, leading by example. I love you. Kathy

Projects To Try, Living Timeline, Happen

Lydia is considered the "matriarch" of our small rural church. She was the superintendant of our Sunday School for many years. Revered by her Church School students, she is often stopped in the store or on the street by a former student. They want her to meet their spouse and children. They want her to know what they are doing now and how important she and the message she shared is to their lives. She has been a strong fiber in the fabric of our lives. – The Hajczewskis and Holly Craver

She was a member of the “Committee of 24” that proposed the organizational structure for United Methodist Women in 1972. In 1976 Mai Gray, the first African American President for the United Methodist Women, introduced a revised charter for racial justice at the first meeting of the newly created UMW. Yvette Kim Richards, current UMW President, recalls Ms. Gray’s presence: ‘Mai Gray had a faith so strong that it radiated from her when I was in her presence. -Yvette Kim Richards UMW President

In 2007, she ‘birthed’ the nonprofit Pitter Patter Pantry of Carroll County, Illinois. The mission is to “provide to low income families of Carroll County an alternative site to purchase essential items for children ages birth - 5 years.” Parents earn Baby Bucks that are ‘spent’ on clothing, diapers, wipes, blankets, cribs, high chairs, and dozens of other items. Supporters are civic, faith-based, agricultural, financial and school organizations with more than 40 volunteers. - Gretchen Walla...

Charlene expresses her love for children always in deed! In this photo she is teaching at a Children's Vacation Bible School in Mexico. Charlene gives in other ways too: working in soup kitchens; tutoring children; helping in food pantry and clothing drives. - Catherine C. Nance, Pastor

As a leader, Julia is always ready to share her gifts and knowledge. She writes programs for United Methodist Women resources. She also shares how important it felt, both at the local organization and conference team, to live our purpose because that helped her to be accepted in an new community. She refers to United Methodist Women members as “Awesome Sisters.” - Marisa Villarreal

Giusy has had a long relationship with the work of United Methodist Women, and shared her gifts as retreat leader, youth study leader, writer for UMW Program book, Children’s Sunday School resources among others. In her role with the General Board of Global Ministries (Program Associate Mission and Evangelism), she has organized travel seminars to Sudan and Haiti. - Marisa Villarreal

Jackie states: "My church did not have a unit so we organized one. I knew that it was going to be challenging being young, having a family, going to school, church responsibilities and work, but with a great support system now we have one of the strongest language group units. “ It did not take long for Jackie to get involved in the mission team with her local unit, district organization and presently at the conference level. - Marisa Villarreal

Susan has served in many roles, as well as local president. Unpolished youth who may or may not have had exposure to church learn through her encouragement that someone at church cares for them and believes in the possibilities for their lives. She facilitated a teen UMW circle and introduced the young women to the wonderful and fulfilling world of United Methodist Women. She knows God with an unwavering faith and that relationship shines in her life.

Young Kim honors her friend Young Hee Lee, United Methodist Women member at Holliston-Dream United Methodist Church. - Young Kim

Alicia R. Sanchez is a true UMW at Kelsey Memorial UMC in Corpus Christi, TX. She inspires me to also make a difference! She is always ready to help and is caring doing mission work. Efigenia Rodriguez, her mother was instrumental in Alicia's preparation because she was also working for the Lord all the time. God bless these women and many others who have been an example to follow! - Elizabeth Jimenez

I admire Raquel Mariscal from La Trinidad UMC in San Antonio, TX because she makes a difference in a faith path of mission. She makes it happen as President of UMW Rio Grande Conference during this transition period to unify Rio Grande and Southwest Texas Conferences. Blessings! - Elizabeth Jimenez

Kathy is currently in her 4th year as President of Edgerton United Methodist Women. I have known her for three years, as a member of our church and of UMW. Kathy has always been so encouraging to me, to be a part of so many activites and mission opportunities of UMW. It is important to feel welcome, it's even more important to be included in planning and carrying out misions.

JOY TO SHARE By Grace Marie Prince Why so much Joy? This is just life Filling every inch of space about me. A crowning glory seems to cover the universe, I can only love and peace and beauty see. I feel so much about me, above and below, That I know I must share, And spread it around as I walk along, Till it seems to cover everywhere. Submitted by Murice Jean Kincannon - daughter

One of her achievements was to send her great-step-grandson to the seminary and he is now a full time pastor of the United Methodist Church in the Philippines. She also had her dream to have a deaconess daughter fulfilled when, Mercy Bautista Cueto, became a deaconess in the UMC in the Philippines.

Being a witness of my granny’s unconditional love for others pushes me to be a better person every day. She took me to Sunday school, signed me up for Vacation Bible School, took me to conformation, and made sure I registered for mission trips. Even though I am 19 now and in college, she still helps me stay involved. She is the one that introduced me to United Methodist Women and helped me to become a member.

At the District level, she was Treasurer of United Methodist Women, and a member of the District Board of Ministry for over 20 years. She was Florida Conference President of United Methodist Women when the Charter for Racial Justice Policies was to be voted on, and she itinerated each district of our conference to meet with women who had questions about this or any other issue. - Della Tuck

It started with a coat. Anita was volunteering at the education center where refugees and other immigrants learn English. “I’ve got my son’s extra coats at home.” So she brought one the next day and gave it to one of the needy students. Then she got the idea of a “free table” where donations of other warm clothes could be donated. She appealed to the church and got donations. She d beyond the four walls of the church to “make it happen.” Anita is that kind of person. - Mary Hopkins

excerpt from a poem written about Aleen Fison - Lifetime experiences and lessons she's always willing to share. Graciously she'll start each meeting with prayer. To promote UMW national missions she never misses a chance; With her urging our unit's mission giving continues to advance. - Linda Heim, President of St. John United Methodist Women

Our church meant so much to Mrs.Annie that a beautiful stained glass window was given in her and her husband's memory. Every time you enter our church the first thing seen is that beautiful stained glass window about the choir. - Kitty Bargeron, President of Wadley United Methodist Women

She was in charge of training many acolytes of our church. She worked endlessly with each trainee until they could do it exactly right. She made sure they understood the reason for and the symbol of being an acolyte. She sat with the acolyte throughout the service to be sure they were paying attention to the service and knew exactly when to go into action to conclude the service by taking God's light out into the world. - Kitty Bargeron, President of Wadley United Methodist Women

One of the great legacies that she left to our church are the Chrismon decorations that she worked tirelessly on by hand sewing the many ornaments to each decoration. Those Chrismon decorations still adorn our lovely Chrismon tree each holiday season. Each year when we unpack and place them on the tree, someone is sure to comment on the making of the beautiful ornaments. - Kitty Bargeron, President of Wadley United Methodist Women

As Sunday School teacher she taught the love of Jesus to many, many children of our church. We all learned to say "God is ove" as we put our offering into the basket. As a member of United Methodist Women, she worked to increase mission to women and children in many ways. She really and truly was able to "Make It Happen" in our church. - Kitty Bargeron, President of Wadley United Methodist Women