Why your grandparents didn’t have food allergies…but you do

Why your grandparents didn't have food allergies...but you do - Butter Nutrition


Known since ancient times as a 'remedy for everything but death,' an increasingly vast body of scientific research reveals that it is indeed one of nature's most potent and versatile healing agents.

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Countess Margarete Von Waldeck: The Real Snow White Considering Snow White is filled with all the tell-tale tip-offs of fake fantasy, it’s strange that it actually comes from history. Snow White was based on Margarete Von Waldeck, a 16th century Bavarian noblewoman. Strikingly beautiful by all accounts, sixteen year old Margarete moved to court in Brussels in 1549. There, she caught the eye of Prince Philip II of Spain, and became his lover. Read the full story on link

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The Foxfire Book series: free download of vol. 1-5 on PDF. The books contain a treasure trove of almost-forgotten skills that preserve the traditional folk culture of southern Appalachia. Topics include: hog dressing, wild plants, folklore, etc. Not necessarily a how-to guide (although it does contain that) but more of a how-it-was-done without modern conveniences.

Outpost of Freedom - Library


10 Foods Americans Eat That Are BANNED in Other Countries - www.ohlardy.com

10 American Foods That Are Banned in Other Countries - Oh Lardy!


The Big Book of Thread Ornaments is the book to get if you like to crochet Christmas ornaments or want to start making ornaments. This huge book of patterns contains 106 crochet designs just right for the Christmas tree. Create timeless heirlooms with these Snowflakes, Angels, Bells and Balls. Delight in the 35 angel designs. Cherubim to seraphim, these heavenly creations in thread crochet will help you celebrate each Christmas season. Fashion a host of musicians, an angelic tree topper, a

Maggie's Crochet · Big Book of Thread Ornaments


9 Ways That Processed Foods Are Slowly Killing People

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9 Reasons To Pass On Processed Food | healthylivinghowto.com DO THE BEST YOU CAN!!

9 Reasons To Pass On Processed Food


Edible Wild Mushroom Identification Guide | Mushroom Guide To North America | RailRiders

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Did you know? 52 gallons of water is needed to produce ONE egg. Give H2OPE to Others and help us reach our goal of donating 15 million gallons of clean water to families in need.

Give H2OPE to Others | Walgreens


the color purple movie quotes - Google Search

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INTJ vs INTP - I tend to score almost exactly between these two - somedays it's INTJ - other times it's INTP

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Rachel Dale

Area of study based on ‘Myers-Briggs’ personality type #TommieMedia #infographic #MyersBriggs

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Really enjoying this! Great tips on what is worth cooking yourself, what you're better off buying and why.

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Uses Of Mangoes

20 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Mangoes


Mangoes Health Benefits: Have a look at these 10 amazing health benefits of mangoes.

23 Amazing Benefits Of Mangoes For Skin, Hair and Health


Did you know that hugs are good for your health? Fun Facts About Hugging // deliciousobsessions.com

10+ Fun Facts About Hugging | Delicious Obsessions


Are manners and proper etiquette dead? Some seem to think so. But I know so long as we are a civilized society, there will always be a place for courtesy. Here are all of the articles on proper etiquette for the modern woman written on The Glamorous Housewife.

Modern Etiquette Archives - The Glamorous Housewife


7 Reasons to Learn Latin

7 Reasons Why I'm Learning Latin (and teaching my kids too!)


20's hairstyle tutorial

Antique Books and Old Collectible Things: FREE Downloads


I need to do this <3. i love making paper boxes and itd be wonderful to get better

Practical Origami


1909 Edwardian Gibson Girl Era Millinery Book by schmetterlingtag, $16.99

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Belfast Ecovillage. I think I would love it here.

True Community: Exploring Life In An Ecovillage


Work off student loans?

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Demons run when a good man goes to war

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