Make & Takes: Let Students Own the Learning | Many makerspaces tend to emphasize tech and tools that have to stay at the school. It's important to balance that out with activities that students can take home as well. Arts & crafts, cardboard challenge a

Make & Takes: Let Students Own the Learning | Renovated Learning

Create an Inventor Supply Lab with Recycled Materials | STEM Activities for Kids

Create an Inventor Supply Lab with Recycled Materials | STEM Activities for Kids

Invitation to Build a Bird Nest. Great activity based on the book "More" by I.C. Springman (There are some fantastic lessons here!)

Invitation to Build a Bird Nest

Why spend the money on a giant Jenga set, when you can reuse, reduce, and recycle one from old soda cartons?! The Library often hosts giant games programs using found or reclaimed items! Check out our program calendar for upcoming events and fun things for kids to do!

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Kathryn Cole

Circuit Bugs – A super cute craft with circuit work. Excellent STEAM project!

Circuit Bugs

STEM Challenge: Which paper shape is the strongest? Engineering activity for kids from Creekside Learning.

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Computer Coding Game No Computer Needed Superhero Activity - teaching kids about coding offline

Computer Coding Game No Computer Needed Superhero Activity

Build a Lego Balance - This is such a fun Lego activities for kids to help them learn while having fun with this STEM activities for kids Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade. (homeschool, math, math activities)

LEGO Balance Math Activity

EduTechie Teacher: The Makings of a Middle School Makerspace

EduTechie Teacher: The Makings of a Middle School Makerspace

reading doodle art - free download

Free File Sharing and Storage made Simple.

STEM Challenge: Can you build a flotation device for an action figure? from More Than a Worksheet. Guide your students through the entire STEM engineering process with a simple trifold. Teach about buoyancy and density while learning the design process. Reading passage and rubric included, too! $ #STEM #STEMchallenge #STEMengineering

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Classroom DIY: Whiteboard Tables. Great guide on converting your wood tables into amazing whiteboard tables.

Classroom DIY: Whiteboard Tables

STEM activity for kids - fairy tales with a STEM twist. Perfect for grades 1-3. The story book guides the students through the engineering design process. | Meredith Anderson STEM resources

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STEM Challenges and Reading: Here are some terrific ways to get both of these into your busy days! I especially like the fourth book for STEM!

Five Ways to Add Reading to Your Science Class!

Awesome LEGO challenge cards. My kids will love this fun STEM activity!

LEGO Challenge Cards

Makerspace Logistics: What Happens to my Makerspace When I'm Out | One question I frequently get is how much access my students have to our makerspace when I'm out speaking or sick. Here, I explain how I make it work.

Makerspace Logistics: What Happens When I'm Not There | Renovated Learning

littlebits story - Google Search

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The littleBits App is your personal guide to unleashing creativity. Discover thousands of inventions, get inspiration for new projects, connect with the global littleBits community, access step-by-step project tutorials, and easily upload and share your own creations.

littleBits Invent on the App Store

Check out this littleBits project! Jiggle bot

Jiggle Bot - Projects

Check out this littleBits project! Box monster

Box Monster - Projects - littleBits

Makerspace Starter: littleBits(TM) Building Centers - Want your students to develop problem solving skills and creativity? Start a makerspace in a library, computer lab, or classroom. This centers set allows students to tinker and build with littleBits(TM) electronics kits or other kits. $

Makerspace Starter: littleBits (TM) Building Centers

The Line Follower is made of littleBits and cardboard. No micro controller, no programming language. Only littleBits and paper!

Simple Line Follower - Projects - littleBits

Doodle cubes are a fun art activity for kids that allows them to see how their 2D designs can translate into 3D designs. Great for spatial awareness!

Doodle Cubes :: Art Activity for Kids

Aluminum foil & paper wrapped with yarns to make animals or any creature of your choice

Use Your Coloured Pencils: Aboriginal Inspired Fibre Sculptures

Colleen Graves:Maker Ed Lessons by Resource Makey Makey 3D printing Vine Videos More to come

Maker Ed Lessons by Resource