Watercolor Art

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Watercolor Art

Watercolor Art

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Cate Parr

Stunning Illustrations by Enkel Dika


Earth Angels Art. Art and Illustrations by Amanda Clark

'Moonrakers' by Karen Davis

"The moon" by jasmoonbutterfly on Polyvore

First photgraph: Dad scene- composition him large and controlling my life with his decisions/ choices. Me in one of the boats

figuredrawingonli... is an artistic website and contains explicit nudity. #figuredrawingclasses

If the artist's tools were not present in the image I would think I could take a drink out of this glass.


Simple, but beautiful observational work. I really like the crisp reflections in the glass.

Eight Glass Jars by Gary Cody

water color watermelon This could be great for geometry, art, or poetry...?

'With the Wind', Edward Robert Hughes

Leonor Solans (painting)

suhair sibai - Google Search

the water workshop I Art Print

Women Reading - books0977: Reverie of Suspended Thought. Ardith...