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UNH Peeps Show

UNH Peeps Show

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5th Annual UNH Peeps Show - 2014 by University of New Hampshire Health Services via slideshare

University of New Hampshire Live Peeps Show April 14th and 15th 9am - 4pm Health Services

Preparing for the UNH Peeps Show on in Health Services on Monday, April 14th and Tuesday, April 15th from 9am - 4pm, Open to the public.

"I chose to represent healthy living at UNH through one of the school's most treasured past times: football! One of my favorite aspects of this school lies in its sense of community. You can't walk more than 50 feet without seeing someone wearing a UNH shirt or sweatshirt or just anything that has the Wildcat logo on it. Football, along with hockey, are sports that the fans flock to. The school pride in itself makes you feel exhilerated! Healthy living should entail things that people love."

"Peep Into Stress Relief at UNH. Our goal in creating this diorama is to show the importance of meaningful occupations to alleviate some of the stress we as UNH students all experience daily. Between classes, papers, financial concerns and other issues students constantly find themselves stressed out. We've included in our diorama some activities students can do to alleviate this stress." Submitted for the 5th Annual UNH Peeps Show. Health Services, University of New Hampshire

"There are many ways to stay healthy at UNH. One thing I like to do is head over to the Swasey Pool for a lap swim and a relaxing dip in the water. Active events periodically take place at the pool including pool kayaking, SCUBA classes and even swimming lessons!" Submitted for the 5th Annual UNH Peeps Show, 2014

"Our diorama is depicting a UNH swim meet at the Swasey indoor pool, with students competing and spectating the event and showing their UNH pride. this signifies how we stay healthy at UNH through the exercise received from swimming, while also showing social health through interaction with the others around us. these two occupations work together in making individuals lifestyles healthier by decreasing stress and allowing us to stay active." Submitted to the 2014 5th Annual UNH Peeps Show.

"Through the seasons, Peeps of all abilities stay healthy (physically, emotionally and socially) by playing golf, trying archery, water skiing and kayaking, competing in sled hockey and quad rugby, cycling, Nordic skiing and rock climbing with the use of adaptive equipment." Submitted 2014, University of New Hampshire

"We decided to create a diagram of peeps at the UNH outdoor pool. We showed our peeps performing typical summertime instrumental activities of daily living (IADL). Their occupations include swimming, diving, life guarding, sun bathing (with sunscreen), tossing a ball, snorkeling and safely swimming with floatation devices. These activities help to relieve stress and create a healthier college student!" - Rachel Grady, UNH Student 2014 UNH Peeps Show

Cookin With Peeps!

How to Make Peepshi = Peeps Sushi

2nd place: Occupational therapy 610 students Celena Zucco, Risa LePera, Abbey Crowther, Hieu Nguyen -- “Pumped Up Peeps” University of New Hampshire, Health Services (2013 Peeps Show)

1st place: SHARPP -- “Welcome to the Wellness Wheel” University of New Hampshire, Health Services (2013 Peeps Show)

3rd place: Judith Quist, staff, Dimond Library -- “Wellness Avengers” University of New Hampshire, Health Services (2013 Peeps Show)

2nd place: Kristin Blackwell, staff, chemistry department --, “Little Blue Peep’s Sustainable Farm” University of New Hampshire, Health Services (2013 Peeps Show)

1st Place: Kristin Onos, graduate student -- “Peeps on Mendums Pond” University of New Hampshire, Health Services (2013 Peeps Show)

UNH Peeps Show is Back! Deadline for entries is April 10th. Tell us how you stay healthy at UNH. University of New Hampshire, Health Services

Entries have started to come in for the UNH Peeps Show! Check this one out about the wonderful benefits of Mendum's Pond!

Peeps Show: Peepin Your Way to Health | Health Services

Peeps S'mores. Microwave 10-15 seconds. Great idea for April!

Sunflower brownie and peeps

Food | Babble

Crazy for Peeps!

Peeps Cupcakes!

3rd Annual Peeps Show is announced!