Friends through college and onwards

I hope Gabe and my best friend Lillie will be in my life in years from now. ^^" I can't live without those two people.

10 Amazing Quotes About Friendship (#MonthOfKinship)

10 Brilliant Quotes That Sum Up Friendship

Letz do eht

20 Creepy Things To Say While Hugging. Not mine. Found while stumbling. Don't know if repost. The 20 Creepiest Things You Can Whisper In Someone Else' s Ear <----- Wtf.

Haters gonna hate

Funny, just talked to a friend tonight who brought this subject up. Yes , I am happy life is great (you say that and people look at u funny) or talk mad shit because they're not!

This could be really fun!

Fun summer idea - Fill a swimming pool with water balloons! I'd jump in!

Or this set of mugs perfect for a cup of tea and a FaceTime date.

19 Adorable Gifts For Your Long Distance BFF