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Dirt Aesthetic

The Ping Pong Tree Sponge, Chondrocladia Lampadiglobus, lives more than 1 1/2 miles beneath the surface of the ocean and is carnivorous. Photo by Claire Nouvian.

catherine ulitsky - tiny birds in flight, creating massive geometric objects. ♥

Orbicular Lamp animation by nervous system, via Flickr [gif]

The work of Matt Shlian deals lovingly with folded paper and the geometric patterns that are born from the constraints of folding.

Jenny Sabin's My Thread Pavilion – Nike Flyknit Collective "The Pavilion was constructed using two different types of thread, one that is solar active and the other reflective photo luminescent. Every five minutes the lighting in the Pavilion changes ... As the lighting changes, the Pavilion undergoes a transformation from stark white into a glowing green, to a beautiful intense blue and ending with an amazing red/orange."


A photo @Anita Lillie took of fireworks that looks like something underwater, or something microscopic

The dance of the frost fairies.

X-ray diffraction beryl

This inspired me to create a new board devoted to the organic and natural aesthetic, the Dirt Aesthetic.