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USE FOR EXPEDITION- stethoscope made from cardboard tube to listen to heartbeat while lying down and after jogging in place. and 2 1/2 2liter bottles filled with water and red food dye to show how much blood is in the body.


Easy Kids Science Experiments Free E-Book

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Human Body Activities for Kids

Teach your kids about the fascinating human body with these fun yet informative activities! (via I Can Teach My child)


Human Body Activities for Kids - I Can Teach My Child!

Suzie's Home Education Ideas: 8 Ideas for learning about the Human Body - FREE printable human anatomy three-part cards


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Human Body: Printables

human body- complete list of ideas and printables from our study of the body--This looks amazing. She did it with a four year old girl, so it may take till Clark is 5 before he has the attention span though.


Human Body: Printables - The Home Teacher

DIY - Free downloadable pattern for a paper "Brain Hat!" (Source :


crooked house: Paper

Another Glorious Day : FREE UNIT! HUMAN BODY

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Free "My Body" Printables

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Free "My Body" Printables

Play Brain Surgeon! Five messy and spooky ways to learn about the brain. Slime, Ice, erupting brains... Perfect for Halloween or Mad Scientist parties!


5 Messy Ways to Play Brain Surgeon - Left Brain Craft Brain

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Human Body System – learn about it!

Human Body System - learn about it! - Kids Activities Blog