Wax Paper Stained Glass: 1st - 3rd grade Integrates science and art

  • crayon shaving

  • fall project

  • paper stained

  • fall leaf

  • stained glass

Turning Stones Blog


Sticky back tiles from Home Depot. (Great Idea!) There's a Dragon in my Art Room: Yarn painting, Huichol style for kids

  • yarn painting for kids

  • kids art room

  • tile crafts for kids

  • yarn crafts kids

  • art ideas

  • yarn crafts for kids

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There's a Dragon in my Art Room: Yarn painting, Huichol style for kids


Lines forming a three-dimensional tree

  • 3d tree drawing

  • sub plans

  • 3d hand drawing

  • op art hand

  • lined trees

  • sixth grade art projects

  • drawings tree

  • op art lessons elementary

  • line art tree

Lines forming a three-dimensional tree


Zentangle starter pages and zentangle patterns

  • zentangle drawing

  • doodle zentangle

  • art zentangle

  • zentangles pattern

  • zentangle doodle

  • zentangle doodles

  • zentangle pattern

  • zentangle string

Inspired By Zentangle Patterns and Starter Pages • Tiny Rotten Peanuts


mini silkscreen tutorial from "Cloth Paper Scissors" magazine

  • screenprint

  • diy silkscreen

  • mini silkscreen

Create with Me: Mixed-media Holiday Projects Part 1


Perspective - - looks like construction paper squares as the roofs with the houses drawn down from there. Love the colors, too!

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  • 3d shapes

  • art lessons

  • 3d drawing

  • perspectief tekenen

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  • perspective art

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Compasses aren't that fun... until you figure out that you can PAINT with them.

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  • math class

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  • compass painting

  • art projects

  • combine math

Compass Painting ~ Housing A Forest


Electric Painting. Make beautiful works of art using an electric mixer and paint- such a fun way for kids to create!

  • electric art

  • art paintings

  • electronic painting

  • electricity art

  • kids art

  • electric painting

  • cool art projects

Paint and PLAY - Electric Art ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose


Drawing hands (tutorial) starting with negative space

  • drawing tutorials

  • drawing hands tutorial

  • art drawing

  • negative space drawing

  • hands drawing

  • art tutorials

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Emphasis, Line, Contrast

  • art zentangles

  • zentangle challenges

  • emilyhoutz zentangle

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emilyhoutz: Diva's Challenge #106


OP art

  • contour line

  • art ideas

  • 3d drawings

  • contour drawings

  • 3d drawing ideas

  • easy drawings

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Amazing Art Show #74: Dale Chihuly Glass Sculptures - YouTube Shrinky dink, dont forget if you need to punch a hole for stringing before baking( 325)

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  • art chihuly

  • amazing art

  • art sculpture

  • chihuly art project

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Zentangle flowers with tempera-value background

  • art zentangles

  • animal zentangles

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  • zentangle art lesson

Zentangle flowers with tempera-value background


Good technique for wire portrait sculptures

  • selfportrait

  • wire sculpture

  • art sculpture

Wire Self Portrait


More T-shirt Jewelry

  • green and gray

  • braided bracelets

  • grays tshirt

  • blue green

  • fabric jewelry

  • fabric bracelets

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Tutorial to make a watercolor portrait! Use a digital photograph, a window and art masking fluid.

  • art idea

  • water color

  • watercolor idea

Watercolor Stencil Portrait + TUTORIAL - MORE ART, LESS CRAFT


Adventures of a Middle School Art Teacher: 7th Grade ~ OP Art lesson

  • art teachers

  • op art lesson

  • simple art drawings doodles

  • middle school art lesson

  • art lessons middle school

  • middle school art projects

  • 7th grade art lesson

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big head project, actually worn by students, like life size bobbleheads. love it!

  • art classroom

  • sculpture projects

  • high school sculpture project

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  • big head

The Big Head Project


paper bags - drawing

  • paper bags

  • bag drawings

  • paper bag drawing

  • bags what s

  • 3d drawings

blog - upon a fold


wire armature, wrap with newspaper, tape, then plaster wrap! Miro-inspired

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  • art class

  • school art

  • art ideas

  • 3d art

  • sculpture lessons

  • art lesson ideas

  • 3d sculpture lesson

Kunst im Schulhaus Rosenau: Gipsfiguren frei nach Miro


Slab pots with black interiors

  • clay ideas

  • slab pots

  • pots slab

  • art room

  • slab box

  • art clay

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Fun ceramic project.

  • ceramics idea

  • totem spoon

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Drawing Prompts and Open Ended Drawing assignments

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  • cart teachers

  • art class

  • art show

  • art ideas

  • fine art

  • cart tips

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Drawing Prompts and Open Ended Drawing assignments

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  • cart teachers

  • art class

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  • fine art

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Love this idea for creating favorite cartoon characters with simple shapes & altering them in a 'cubist' way!

  • favorite cartoon

  • art lessons

  • cartoon characters

  • cubist cartoons

  • cartoon art for kids

  • art ideas

  • art history

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Relentlessly Cheerful Art by James Hance