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31 days of homemade recipes & tips to fill your freezer and pantry with healthier, unprocessed staples | http://unsophisticook.com/31-days-of-homemade/
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Homemade Applesauce Recipe -- this is a great way to preserve those delicious fall apples! | via @unsophisticook on unsophisticook.com

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Homemade Mayo Recipe -- if you think making homemade mayo is a little intimidating, try this easy recipe on for size. It has my hubby's stamp of approval! | via @unsophisticook on unsophisticook.com

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Homemade Toaster Pastries -- who wants Pop-Tarts when you can have these tender, light and flaky homemade toaster pastries with your choice of filling? Nutella is a delicious option! | via @unsophisticook on unsophisticook.com

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Fresh Tomato Salsa -- there's nothing like a good fresh tomato salsa with its bright flavors and a touch of heat! | via @unsophisticook on unsophisticook.com

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Homemade Pancakes -- when you keep a homemade mix on hand, delicious pancakes from scratch are only minutes away! | via @unsophisticook on unsophisticook.com

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Best Buttercream Frosting Recipe -- quite possibly the best buttercream frosting recipe ever (no shortening), a must try! | via @unsophisticook on unsophisticook.com

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Homemade Chocolate Syrup Recipe -- try this chocolate syrup recipe for a healthier take on chocolate milk, or try it over ice cream for a decadent treat! | via @unsophisticook on unsophisticook.com

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Homemade Iced Coffee -- a perfect icy glass of homemade iced coffee that tastes just like your favorite coffeehouse? Yes, please!!! | via @unsophisticook on unsophisticook.com

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Homemade Cornbread Mix -- mix up a batch to keep on hand for a quick and easy, yet satisfying, accompaniment to seasonal soups and stews. | via @unsophisticook on unsophisticook.com

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Simple Homemade Strawberry Sauce -- this simple homemade strawberry sauce requires only four ingredients and is the perfect accompaniment for your favorite dessert! | via @unsophisticook on unsophisticook.com

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