Andra Nedelcu

Andra Nedelcu

Romania / Born in the '90s. From Romania. I love drawing and playing games.
Andra Nedelcu
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Love this. But ya gotta start them young on a leash.

Rat lease, so you can take your rat for a walk worry free

Na znajdziesz najśmieszniejsze i najciekawsze materiały z internetu. Codziennie dostarczamy sporą dawkę śmiesznych obrazków, gifów, filmików, artykułów i ciekawostek, którymi możesz dzielić się ze swoimi znajomymi na Facebooku. Sprawdź!

the inevitable pet rat posts, since i just brought 2 baby rats home!

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♥ Small Pets ♥ The only thing wrong with pet rats is that they don't live forever

Connotations: "For example, the word rat denotes or points to a kind of rodent, but the attached meanings of "selfish person", "evil-doer", "betrayer", and "traitor" reflect the feelings that have accumulated around the word. (Rottenberg and Winchell 266)

Status Quo: He hates people but admires animals like Toby and Wellington. He always goes home to take care of Toby his pet rat. He doesn't eat anything yellow or brown. He goes to school Monday-Friday and he lives in England.

Rat - nice picture

"Did you know that: 'Rats' spelt backwards is: 'Star?" <-- The Rattie is cute enough but saving for that comment