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Cardia (Étude Op. 2) on Vimeo

" In Cardia (Étude Op layers of digital representation coalesce with analog abstraction, forming the interior and exterior of a myogenic muscular…

Plexus Productions

This is why I prefer abstract art in Plexus Productions Opener by Tim Borgmann.

Project by Daniel Franke  Cedric Kiefer

Unnamed Sound Sculpture by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer @ Onformative The basic idea of the project is built upon the consideration of creating a moving sculpture from the recorded motion data of a real person.

SHIFT v2 on Vimeo

Project Name: SHIFT Completion date : 2011 Design & Production company: Mirari & Co www.tv Director: Jimmy Yuan Executive producer : Michelle Xie Music and sound: David Kamp