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Motivation für die Schule!

Weirdly, this HUGELY motivates me. Seeing or reading about her studying really motivates me to go do it myself

One Direction<<<< haha if I did this my friends would either die laughing or just walk away like I don't know her:)

I'm a junior in high school xD I need more grown up merch lol << yeah well I'm a junior . in COLLEGE! Lol and I'm the same!

I FOUND IT! Harry's "I'm bisexual" gif. <<<<<< NIALL!! HE IS LIKE "HE FINALLY SAID IT!"

and please no hate! i just ship Larry and i hate when people try to convince others that Harry is straight when obviously hes bisexual so and i think he and Louis should be together. thts all :)

WUT??! No friggin way! wth, this is strong proof about LARRY!

"(gif) Harry kissed Louis on his cheek" O.o dont touch me im in a fragile state

I don't know how many times I've pinned this gif, but I'll never get over it tbh

[gif] louis and harry being super sweet bless<<< these are the vamps