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: )

  • Ashley

    Emily Johnson


  • Jenny Shank
    Jenny Shank

    April Shank

  • DancesWithFl✿wers

    Judi Young

  • Shelby Vandervate
    Shelby Vandervate

    Chick Meek I love my crazy aunt! ;)

  • Judi Young
    Judi Young


  • Gwendolyn Whitmore
    Gwendolyn Whitmore



  • Abbie | Girl Friday Events
    Abbie | Girl Friday Events

    For some reason I thought of you when I saw this darci

  • darci

    Abbie | Girl Friday Events + Design - ha!! I love it.....pretty smart advertising really!

With my husband in mind...

I can rise and shine, just not at the same time.

I can rise... –

haha so true..

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 105 Pics
  • Carly Berens
    Carly Berens


  • Karen MacDonell
    Karen MacDonell

    Oh my god, my hubby just said this

  • 540 Mercantile
    540 Mercantile



  • Dianne Weidner Farmer
    Dianne Weidner Farmer

    Lol! Been there!

  • Nicole Skenandore
    Nicole Skenandore

    HAHA soo happens more than i'd like to admit lol!

  • Chasidy Platt
    Chasidy Platt


This. Is true.

  • Amy Showalter
    Amy Showalter

    Amelia yep

  • Jenn Boyce
    Jenn Boyce

    so me lately! :/

  • Amelia

    Amy Showalter YUP. Dang it.

  • Sha DeGruy
    Sha DeGruy


  • Chasidy Platt
    Chasidy Platt

    Lmbo!! Yup!

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  • Nancy Howley
    Nancy Howley

    I've finally beaten mine into submission! I can do misspell fucktard and it will correct it!

  • Lara Sursa
    Lara Sursa


  • Nichole Alton
    Nichole Alton

    ^^Nancy's comment is the best one EVER!

  • Beth ~Unskinny Boppy~
    Beth ~Unskinny Boppy~

    LOL Nancy!!!

Funny Pictures Of The Day � 85 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 87 Pics

...those were the days!

  • Stephanie Quesenberry Freeman
    Stephanie Quesenberry Freeman

    every Saturday!!

  • Mary Gartner
    Mary Gartner

    Christine Woodhouse , this so reminded me of you!


George Costanza - one of the greatest characters ever.

Safe Sex Goes Door-to-Door with Home Delivery of Condoms
  • Melanie Crisp
    Melanie Crisp


  • Jo Nelson
    Jo Nelson

    He really was! This picture (and that whole show!) is hilarious!!


K | Fun Definitions

All the time.

  • Katy Mast
    Katy Mast

    Ha it is not just me then!

  • Sarah Peters
    Sarah Peters

    LOL!! Did you write this one? ;) ♥

  • Aj Lavender
    Aj Lavender

    That sounds familiar!

I do this!!

  • Terri Thomas
    Terri Thomas

    me too, ac-tu-a-lly! ;-)

Oh yeah

  • Bev Ferendo
    Bev Ferendo

    just did it

  • Nancy Flynn
    Nancy Flynn

    Me too!:)

  • Heather Blanchette
    Heather Blanchette

    That has been happening a lot for me here in COLD MN!

  • Nancy Flynn
    Nancy Flynn

    Heather, I feel your pain, I'm in the northeast! You have been definitely colder!

Reattach those suckers and make more things!

  • Bryn Knowles Lucia
    Bryn Knowles Lucia

    Rachel love it!

  • Kimberly Reece Slagle
    Kimberly Reece Slagle


  • Abbey Nelson Johnson
    Abbey Nelson Johnson

    Katie Rose this is you girl!!

  • Mimi Hanna
    Mimi Hanna

    Oh...was that written for ME!!!

  • Lue Lee
    Lue Lee

    WOW......BUSTED...LOL this is me ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha

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  • Victoria Glover
    Victoria Glover

    I was born in early 2000... I still do this


  • Marti J GIlbert-Fleitas
    Marti J GIlbert-Fleitas


  • Daphne

    or a bra

  • Carolyn Leiker
    Carolyn Leiker


  • Hope Gustafson
    Hope Gustafson

    Kim Dodd

  • Kim Dodd
    Kim Dodd

    Hope Gustafson agreed!


  • Karin Maier Krider
    Karin Maier Krider

    I do that!!!

  • Bryony Maitra
    Bryony Maitra

    That's so me'

  • Samantha Lewis
    Samantha Lewis

    Yes!!! And one time this guy did hear me and started laughing manically- which made me think I made the right choice.

  • Debra Weems
    Debra Weems

    Hmmmm troost !

  • Michelle Caplea
    Michelle Caplea

    I have done this

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ha ha

  • Connie Hammontree
    Connie Hammontree

    Ha ha


  • Karen B
    Karen B

    Gretchen Portwood - we were just saying this!!!

  • Gretchen Hays
    Gretchen Hays

    Karen Baruth: it is so true!!!

  • Hannah Joy
    Hannah Joy

    Haha!! True!

  • Vicki VanValkenburgh
    Vicki VanValkenburgh


  • Phyllis Howell
    Phyllis Howell

    SO true, Wendy!



    Woo Hoo!!

  • Trish D
    Trish D

    One disadvantage to living in south, SOUTH Texas - still shorts weather down here!

  • Monique McGonagill
    Monique McGonagill

    shelby mcgonagill hilarious!

  • Kelly Mack
    Kelly Mack

    I just was telling this to my mom a few days ago!