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Emil Melmoth

Emil Melmoth

Emil Melmoth

A fast metabolism is a sure way to lose weight and to make sure fat does not get stored up in your body.

Sculptures, Skull, Gothic

Artist: Emil Melmoth

For all things creepy

Emil Melmoth

"Study of a Death (Sadness & Misery)" now complete with some rusted tears, really grateful with the results.

creepy women | Old woman | Creepy stuff

After her death, the Diddlys had forgotten to cancel old Granny Diddly's…

Victorian Odin

Bearded Odin Man Long Longest Beard Unusual Vintage Photography Reprint Reprinted Victorian Edwardian Sepia or Black and White Photo Print

Hello again, old friend... Once more we find ourselves face to face at the crossroad... But then you did promise to meet me here.

evil cometh , dark and macabre faceless faerie or demonic soul , amazing photo art image for surreal and gothic halloween lovers

Photomanipulation by Dave Caulder III. Definitely one of my favourites by him (of the ones I've seen).

Winner of the Halloween Mother of the Year Contest in Hell.the kid gets to go back to Limbo after the photo op!