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Though this vertical garden is a large-scale project, I think it's worth noting how great the found materials look together-- inspiring for those who like an industrial vibe juxtaposed to plant life. #verticalgardens

Plants Climb Up a Tree Shaped Vertical Garden

Here's a vertical garden to write home about...

Plants Climb Up a Tree Shaped Vertical Garden

Farm in a Box. It’s as easy to hang as a picture. It automatically waters itself. And here’s the real dirt (or not): it’s a hydroponic system. Organic home #VerticalGardening can be a real no brainer.

Farm in a Box - Urban Gardens

Jardim vertical

A tall, dense vertical garden like this almost makes this small space seem adjacent to the woods.

Jardim vertical

Sortrafrom Sortra

Inspiring Garden Decoration Ideas

This #VerticalGarden is truly a work of art. Gorgeous, living art. #gardenchat

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Ooo look at these gorgeous pics of Styler's Garden Cafe via @ShopTerrain. #verticalgardens

terrain - terrain's Photos | Facebook

Loving this #verticalgarden spotted in Santa Monica! #gardens #succulents #botanical #livingwalls #greenwalls

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Urban Gardens

freedstand green wall moduels

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Really into this #VerticalGardening system made of fiber cement. Looks great & perfect for small places.

Garden Anywhere Vertical System 1 S/1

I like the greenery contrast that is portrayed here against the concrete and timber

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Mind-blowing #GreenWall project by @airplantman designed to cover #solarpanels.

Urban Gardens | Mixing Urban Style, Design, and Nature.

Planted walls & living curtains! #verticalgardens

Plantus Please: Modular Indoor Vertical Gardens - Urban Gardens

A flip on the yard. Loving this vertical garden. #outdoorroom #verticalgardens

Villa Cascais | Vertical Garden Design

I actually can't believe how awesome this is. Kim Fisher Designs #verticalgardens #succulents

Kim Fisher Designs

Indoor window herb garden from 2013 Bachman's Spring Ideas House. We posted a similar one: made from #IKEA stuff.

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Clever #verticalgarden idea can be used as room divider or screen and it's portable!

Studio Nitzan Cohen » Khs_Elements

Taking the vertical herb garden to the next level! #verticalgardens #herbgardens

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Three-for-One! #Hydroponic, #Solar Powered, Vertical Garden #VerticalGardens

10 Pinterest Indoor and Outdoor Garden Finds

So lush. I imagine it smells wonderful too. by Logica:architettura, italy

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I almost can't stand how cool it is that this pharmacy in Paris has a #greenwall of medicinal plants. #verticalgardens #indoorgardens

Living Walls of Medicinal Plants in Paris Pharmacy

Can you believe how beautiful and cool this is??? Medicinal plants climb walls of Paris pharmacy. #verticalgardens #medicinalplants #indoorgardens

Living Walls of Medicinal Plants in Paris Pharmacy

This #verticalgarden is tiled with plants growing in linen squares that were sewn together and filled with soil and seeds. #jardin #jardinjardin #gardens

Botanical Tiled Vertical Garden From Paris

Here the artist packs linen "pockets" with soil and seed that he will use to tile a simple structure he built for #jardinjardin. #verticalgardens #gardens #gardendesign

Botanical Tiled Vertical Garden From Paris

Add this botanical tiled vertical garden space to the list of wonderful places to sneak off to for an afternoon rendezvous. #verticalgardens #jardin #jardinjardin

Botanical Tiled Vertical Garden From Paris

Simple, clever, textural #DIY vertical garden made fom old rusted tina cans. Luv.

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