1.) apply eye base w/ motives "shadow" brush & draw in eyebrows w/ waterproof automatic eyebrow pencil "dark brown" for @Laura Jayson Jayson Jayson Jayson Hunter 2.) draw a "V" shape w/ "onyx" pencil, to define where you are going to start the crease 3.) using #219 "precision brush" blend upward with

"This step-by-step, once-and-for-all guide to applying eyeshadow makes your precise eye shape look even prettier. Applying Eyeshadow - Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks"

grey curly hair

Marco Candela Michelus On Curly Gray Hair Texture: The secret to beautiful gray hair lies in its texture. Combine curly gray hair with a smooth texture and the way light reflects in the silver strands is attractive and incredibly avant-garde.

1: outline(eyeliner) 2:blend out 3:add light color under eyebrows 4: blend under and at top of eye 5:goldy-peach color on eyelid 6: layer of goldy-peach color underneath lower lashes 7: layer of dark color(black or dark brown) underneath lower lashes 8: multiple layers of mascara (or fake eye lashes.

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purple ponytail pink bow. For some reason I think this is absolutely adorable. Call me crazy!

pretty pink bow-so glad ribbons are making a comeback! Haven't liked my ponytail ever since I had to stop wearing ribbons!


The Societe des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes, a group of sartorially-inlined men from Brazzaville, the Congo. Photo by Hector Mediavilla.


The Sapeurs are a Congolese subculture with a sartorial agenda. In a landscape plagued by poverty and civil war, their joyful strutting and preening in the capitals of Brazzaville and Kinhasa cuts an.

Taryor Gabriels

cutfromadiffcloth: “ Brand: TARYOR GABRIELS Designer: Adeyeye Adetayo “Envy” Collection Styling: Tosin Ogundadegbe for Chicnicity Photography & Editing: Kelly Onyeogi for KellistrophQ.

Gun-Britt Zeller, Danish top hairdresser. This woman is so beautiful.

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