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Urdu Movies

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Urdu Movies

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Pakiza Urdu March 2015, read online or download free following Urdu stories, novels and regular serial novels in this monthly edition by different great authors and story writers: Editorial (Mujhy Kuch Kehna Hey) by Editor, Serial Novels: Aitbar e Wafa by Nighat Seema, Rang e Khalish by Rafaqat Javed, Novelette: Mata e Dil by Nabeela Abar Raja, Complete Novel: Aseer e Wafa by Zamar Naeem, Mini Novel: Jangal Ka Phool by Zahida Parween, Myths: Guzar Chuki Hey Ye Fasal e Bahar by Nighat F

Pakeezah Digest March 2015

Shua March 2015, Read Online Urdu Digest Free or Download Here, this monthly edition of Urdu Shoaa Digest Contains following stories: Pehli Shua (First Ray of Sun) by Razia Jameel, Hamad by Tanweer Phul, Naat by Riaz ud Din Soharwardi, Sayings of Muhammad PBUH (Nabi Ki Batain) by Editor, Dastak (Knock) by Shaheen Rasheed, Shua Key Sath by Editor, Aagha Ali Abbas by Shaheen Rasheed, Aik Thi Mishal by Rokhsana Nigar Adnan, Raqse Bismal by Nabeela Aziz, Yaram by Samera Hamed,

Shuaa Digest March 2015

Reda Urdu Digest February 2015, read online or download here free, read following stories in this monthly edition: Gosha e Agahi by Saleha Mehmood, Interview by Nighat Akram, Sana Kanwal Allah Dita, Tujh Sey Mangoon Main Tujhko by Shazia Mustafa Imran, Jo Ishq Main Beeti Wo Ishq Hi Janey by Naila Tariq, Terey Piar Ki Khushbu by Qamrosh Shehak, Tumhain Mujh Sey Muhabbat Hey by Tahira Hasan, Mashriq Ki Shehzadi by Roshaney, Muhabbat Ki Mazna

Rida Digest February 2015

Urdu Books, Latest Digests and Magazine: Easy Download Option for Digest Readers at this SiteFrom today, (No Previous books have this facility but Anchal March 2015) we will start an extra option of easy downloading of Latest Urdu Digests & Magazines. Now you will see at end of every page/embed book these lines as given below: Read Online OR Click on Image To Download(Only

Easy Download Option for Digest Readers at this Site

Urdu Books, Latest Digests and Magazine: Aanchal Digest March 2015

Aanchal Digest March 2015

Urdu Books, Latest Digests and Magazine: Aanchal Digest March 2015Aanchal Urdu Digest March 2015, Read Online OR Download Free. Sargoshiyan by Editor, Hamad by Raja Rasheed Mehmood, Naat by Fakhra Gull, Dar Jawab Aan by Editor, Malik e Yaumiddin by Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi, Hamara Anchal: Tuba Sadiqi/Shazia Akhtar; Maria Ch/Rabea Mubarak by Maleeha Ahmed, Behnon Ki Adalat (Court of Sisters) by Nazia Kanwal N

Aanchal Digest March 2015

Hamdard e Sehat February 2015, Read Online or Download Free Health Magazine. Islam Main Walidain ka Ahtram by Hakeem Saeed Saheed, Tandrusti aur Tawanai Ka Taza Maloomat by Editor, Sehat Key Liye Haldi Lazmi Hey by Dr Syed Aslam, Aaloo Bey Faida Sabzi Nahe by M Shafeeq Ahmed, Sardion Ka Saughat by Tamseela Zahid, Jild Ki Khushki by Madeeha Syed, Singhara by Sameena Fiyaz, Apni Neend Par Dhiyan Dain by Dr Waqar Saeed,

Hamdard Sehat February 2015

Muslim League Ki Zareen Bakhiya Dari is an Urdu book, a short Fatwa Muhammad Miyan Barkati Marhari against Muslim League and Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Qauid e Azam. There are many questions which were raised by Devotee of Sunni Religion Haji Ismail and Haji Sadiq Qadri and many other members of Sunni Movement at Marhara.

Muslim League Ki Zareen Bakhia Dari

Sahir Ludhiyanvi was a famous poet of Urdu Language in India. He also penned down many Indian Film Songs which are sang by famous male and female singers. He also won Film Fair Award two times. He born in 1921 and died in 1980. In last days of his death Sahir Ludhianvi suffered from a heart attack and died in arms of his friend and was buried in a Muslim Cemetery at Juhu in I

Kuliyat e Sahir Ludhianwi

Ma Bad al Maut (Marney Key Baad) is an Urdu book by Mufti M Ameen. This book is about the condition of men when he is near to death, or conditions after death. When angels of death come to men and take his soul back to Allah, now its time when all his acts which he has done during his life. Now his good deeds and bad deeds are monitored and then he will be rewarded accor

Maa Baad Al Maut

Maeshat wa Tejarat Ke Islami Ahlam is an Urdu book by Zulfiqar Ali. In Islamic Religion Allah allow us to do trade for manage our economics and society while interest and usury is prohibited by Allah.

Maeeshat wa Tijarat Key Islami Ehkam

www.employeescorn... Online or Download Free English Test Book for preparation of Test/ exam for Inspectors inland Revenues held by Federal Public Service Commission expected in first week of March. This book is provided by Admin of Employees Corner, a platform where employees of Pakistan (Provincial and Federal) can built their career and job seekers can search latest jobs for them. Thanks Employees Corner.

Test Book for Inspector inland Revenues FPSC 2015

Urdu Books, Latest Digests and Magazine: Noorun Ala Noor Noorun Ala Noor is an Urdu book contains many patchworks by Shaeikh Ahmed Sirhindi. In start author/ compiler of book added verses of sura Al Nur: Allah is Light of Heaven and Earth, Light upon Light and Allah guides some one to his light to whom Allah wills.

Noorun Ala Noor

Husam al Harmain is an Urdu book by Ala hazrat, here following the book about Husam Al Haramain 's 100 years.

Husam al Harmain

A Great Book by Dr Ghulam Jilani Barq

Harf e Mehrmana

Read Urdu Novel Acha Lagta Hey by Anjum Ansar.

Acha Lagta Hey

Dalda Ka Dastarkhawan for November 2014, in this edition you will read following topics: Chand Hari Bhari Sabziyan, Chocolate Rakhey Chokas w Tawana, Ghrailu Tarkeebain, Hasrat In Ghunchon Pe, Safar Nama, Gulabi Perahan, Baal To Qeemati Hain, Glitter Nail Polish, Aankhon Ki Kashish Ka Raz, Naye Kaprron Sey Alergy, Jinko Blu Ba, Zonosas Hayatati Hamla, Jim Chor Dain Jogging Karain, Aapki Doctor, Aap ki Raye, Aj Kia Pakayen, Pakistani Saqafat, Dalda Advisory

Dalda Ka Dastarkhawan November 2014

Khaufnaak Digest February 2015, read online or download free Urdu Digest containing many many horror stories in Urdu, this edition is special number for Khaufnak Saya Number i.e. "Horror-full Shadow" , : read here: Khaufnak Saya by Afra Naz Azad Kashmir, Azab e Qarz by Tahir Haliq Lahore, Khooni Sehra by Nadeem Abas Mewati, Musawar by Abid Saeed Bahawalpoor, Aasebi Billi by Imitiaz Ahmed Karachi, Moti M

Khaufnak Digest February 2015

Suspense Digest March 2015, read online or download free Urdu Digest contains many interesting stories, as Preface by John Aliya, Your letters are replied by Editor, Historical Story Darmanda e Ishq by Aliya Sita Poori, Muqabla by Kashif Zubair, Sodaye Janoon by Dr Abdul Rab Bhatti, Rishta by Tanweer Riaz, Deemak ( Story from Court Cases) by Mirza Amjad Baig, Dhamak Khez by Abu Zia Iqbal, Shobda Baz by Saleem Anwar, Poetry by readers, Majboori by Dr Sh

Suspense Digest March 2015

Jawab e Araz February 2015 is now here available to read online or download free Urdu Digest. In the following Special edition "Bey Wafayee Number" for February 2015 you will find following topics: Azab e Muhabbat by Muawiya Ambar Wattu, Muhabbat Ka Dozakh by Saraj Allah Khatak, Pachtawa by Ayesha Ali Chakwal, Be Wafai by Zain Naseer, Bey Wafa Hey Zindgi by Muhammad Saleem Kangan Poor, Yak Tarfa Ishq by Arif Shehzad Sadiq Abad, Gham e

Jawab e Arz February 2015
  • Sharifa Sorathia
    Sharifa Sorathia

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Hurmat e Sud is an Urdu book by Syed Abu al Ala Maudoodi. In fact this short book is a chapter of another book by Maulana Maududi r.a, The Interest. Managing Director added in start that if you want to understand the complete concept of Interest then read the complete book.

Hurmat e Sood

Shahadat e Imam Hussain a.d is an Urdu book by Syed Shah Turab al haq Qadri. In fact this book is by a Sunni scholar and author also added that it is they way of Sunni scholars to discuss the event of Karbala. It was an event of sorrow and grieves. Some scholars added that Imam Hussain should accept the Yazid as Imam, but Shah Abdul Haq Muhadis Dehlwi replied how it was possible in presence of Imam Hussain ,,, Yazid could claim Imamat? while all senior companio

Shahdat e Imam Hussain

Shaheed Ulmaye Haq is an Urdu book by Syed Zameer Akhtar Naqwi. This book has details of four Righteous scholars.

Shaheed Ulmaye e Haqq

Seeking Knowledge is great duty , so we should perform this duty always and be with mind for learning education for our best attitude and best end. Here following , few stories have been translated into Urdu by institution of Indian Urdu Development board. These stories have been selected from the great book by Firdausi. Real name of Firdausi was Mansoor Bin H

Shahnama Ki Kahaniyan

Urdu Books, Latest Digests and Magazine: Live Scores of Cricket World Cup 2015

Live Scores of Cricket World Cup 2015