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Ubqari April 2015 is an online edition of monthly magazine about health and beauty as well as your spiritual and daily life issues are discussed in this magazine, in this edition you will read: For Best Sleeping Time and for your powerful eye sight many tricks are mentioned here, for your marriage always take care of others, diseases of liver, blood and Ceylon uterus, for your more customers and best business act as this, find your lost things back, for pains of your bones use following tips, pain in kidney are healed here, leave the pills of confrontation, use always sugar after your meal, how get rid of goggles, and many more.

Ubqari April 2015

Cricketer Magazine March 2015 download free or read online edition of monthly sports magazine in Urdu from Pakistan in which you may know about updates of Cricket in Pakistan and all over the world. Below edition contains articles as: Comparison of Misbah al Haq with Imran Khan, Colors of Cricket World 2015, Suhail Khan will be Surprise, Interviews, Suggestions, Comments Counting & many more about mega event.

Cricketer Magazine March 2015

Aiena e Qismat April 2015, read online or download free following edition of Ayena e Qesmat contains here great articles for your life, predictions and acts to manage your life. Its a great source for study of astrology and spiritually articles.

Aaina E Qismat April 2015

Maut Ka Manzar (Mushahid al Ikhtasar) compiled by Khalid bin Abdul Rehman and translated into Urdu by Zaheer Ahmed Abdul Ahad. This is tragedy now a days that every body have thought of only for his daily life he has no thinking about his death and life after death. Allah says that Real life is the life after death. But we not aware about it. If we are aware then we are so busy that we can not obey orders of Allah and can not pass our life according to orders of Allah and his Prophet pbuh.

Maut Ka Manzar

Iran Sey Tehreef Shuda Quran Ki Ashaat aur Irani Safarat Khana Ka Wazahat is a short book by Maulana Muhammad Yousaf Ludhianwi. Author added in start that it was a news in paper Jang that a Koran was imported from Iran which was published by an Advertising institution of Iran. Pakistan banned this Koran & confiscated by the responsible authorities. Here Maulana Yousef Ludhianwi detailed about this publication and also discussed the Shiites and Sunni faiths about Koran.

Iran Sey Tehreef Shuda Koran Ki Ashaat

Masalah TV Food Magazine March 2015, read online or download free from here.

Masala Tv Food Magazine March 2015

Urdu Books, Latest Digests and Magazine: Pakeezah Digest April 2015 Pakiza Digest April 2015, Pakizah/Pakeezah Urdu Digest is a famous Urdu Digest specially among ladies as well as males also like its stories. This monthly edition of Pakeeza is its annual anniversary number contains many popular stories for you by great authors from all over Pakistan. Read Following topics, articles and stories by different authors below: Editorial: I have to say something by Editor, Serial Novels: Aitbar e Wafa (Trusted Faithfulness) by Nighat Seema, Rang e Khalish (Poverty Colors) by Rifat Javed, Novelette: Mata e Dil (Heart Belongings) by Nabeela Abar Raja, Sauda Ho To Aisa Ho (What a Great Trade) by Uzma, Tum Merey Kaun Ho (What is Your Relation) by Rizwana Prince, Complete Novel: Aseer e Wafa (Captive of Faithfulness) by Zamar Naeem, Mini Novel: Jungle Ka Phool (Jungle Flower) by Zahida Parween, Myths: Main Shanzey Hoon (I am Sahnzey) by Rifat Saraj, Kali (Black) by Nighat Azmi, Mothers Wonder Land by Nausheen Akhtar, Zaini aur Graini by Ghazala Farukh, Khuwab Zadi (Dream Girl) by Sabiha Shah, Surprise by Quratul Ain, Main Hasan aur Meri Parosan (I, Hasan and my Neighbor) by Sheereen Haidar, Nafrat Key Rastey (Way to Hate) by Farheen Usman, Maloom (Knowing) by Hajara Rehan, Special Article Survey by Shaista Zareen, Wo Aye Bazam Main by Nuzhat Asghar, and many regular articles for your health beauty, food, psychological and Spiritual issues and suggestions by scholars, poetry, cooking tips, jokes and many letters by different readers to editor and reply by editor to them, an online edition only for people who love Urdu and Urdu literature but living outside Pakistan and have no opportunity to buy these digests, they have an easy approach to these digests , free access, & can download/read online free. Readers in country are advised to buy hard copy of these novels/digests to support authors, publishers and sellers.

Pakeezah Digest April 2015

Chef Special Urdu Magazine with latest, delicious cooking recipes and health tips.

Chef March 2015

Urdu Books, Latest Digests and Magazine: Bridal Frock 2015 Designs Latest Designs for Bridal Frocks usually dressed in Pakistan and India. Its custom and traditional dress of Sub Continent of Asia. Here above latest designs for year 2015 have been displayed.

Bridal Frock 2015 Designs

Anchal Aanchal Digest April 2015, read online or download free monthly edition of this digest with special anniversary number contains following stories and topics: Preface: Sargoshiyan by Editor, Hamad by Sabeeh Rehmani, Naat by Behzad Lakhnwi, Dar Jawab Aan by Editor, Wisdom Corner: Malik e Yaumiddin by Mushtqa Ahmed Qureshi, Our Digest: Sadaf Mukhtar, Sara Malik, Naureen Muskan, Biya Raye by Maliha Ahmed, Survey: Jugnu Merey Anchel Main by Editor, Regular Series Novels: Maum Ki Muhabbat by Rahat Wafa, Toota Huwa Tara by Samera Shareef Toor, Complete Novel: Lal Jaurra by Fakhra Gull, Chahat Dhoop Chawon See by Sadaf Asif, Novelette: Kuch Kami Si Hey by Nighat Seema, Out by Aniqa M Beg, Muhabbat Dil Ka Sajda Hey by Sabas Gill, Myths: Chashm e Nam Tu Na Chalak by Iqbal Bano, Merey Bakhat Main Darj Hey by Talat Nizami, Tehi Dasat by Nazia Jamal, Muhabbat Sey Majburi Tak by Umm e Samama, Urran by Seema Bint e Asim, Regular Article: Ruhani Masayel Ka Hall by Hafiz Shabeer, Biyaz e Dil by Memuna Ruuman, Dish Muqabla by Talat Agha, Beauty Guide by Robeen Ahmed, Neyrang e Khyal by Iman Waqar, Daust Ka Pegham Aye by Huma Ahmed, Yadgar Lamhey by Jaweria Salak, Ayena by Shehla Amir, Apki Seht by Hashim Mirza, Hum Sey Poochain by Shumaila Kashif, Kam Ki Batain by Hina Ahmed and many more you want to read this edition as you want. This is a popular digest among all people specially among all ladies of Pakistan. Note: This online edition is only for those Pakistanis who are living out of country and can not buy Urdu Digest. Readers from Pakistan are advised/ requested to buy hard copy from seller to support Authors, Publishers and Sellers in your territory. This Digest has 321 Pages.

Aanchal Digest April 2015

Urdu Books, Latest Digests and Magazine: Sachi Kahani March 2015

Sachi Kahani March 2015

Dajjal Part 1 by Asrar Alam from India. Its a great book first time, in Urdu about Antichrist in very detail of Antichrist. Here Asrar Alam discussed how Dajjal (Antichrist) was born, where he was born and how he was rescued by his so called Friend (Father) Satan, how he will come and where he will be killed by Christ. To Watch Complete Islamic Life Story of Jesus a.s Please Click on this Link. Asrar Alam discussed about the international system developed by Jews/ Zionists after World War 1 and World War 2.He discussed too current affairs of Pakistan & India & what purpose was for the visit of American President in 1999 to India. The books was written by Asrar Alam in 1999 or a chapter of this book was authored in 1999.

Dajjal 1 by Asrar Alam

Kamyab Talib e Ilm

Kamyab Muslemaan (Successful Muslims) is a book by Manzoor Yousaf.

Kamyab Muslman

Ittehad Bain al Muslemin Waqat Ki Aiham Zarurat is an Urdu book by Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi, he says that it is an important issue of all times to strong the unity among Muslims. As well as Muslims work for unity among them, enemies of Muslims also work more to make Muslims weak and dull. Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi submitted a four points formula to make unity among Muslims.

Ittehad Bain al Muslemeen (Waqat Ki Zarurat)

Islam aur Islami Iqdaar Ka Tahafuz is a short Urdu book by Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri. In fact we think that Islam is name of only five things...... but in real it means that Islam is based on five basic articles/faiths or orders, and then Islam explores itself on basis of these five articles i.e. Kalma, Namaz, Roza, Zkat and Hajj. Islam has two chapters in it as Chapter of Orders and Chapter Struggle. Here below a short discussion on the issue will entertain you about Islam and will help you in learning Islam and Islamic Values.

Islam aur Islami Iqdar Ka Tahfuz

Ham Mutta Kiun Karty Hain is an Urdu book compiled by a Shiite Scholar Abdul Kareem Mushtaq. Its faith of Shiites that Temporary Marriage or Short Term Marriage is allowed in Islam till now. While Sunni Scholars say that Marriage of this kind has been stopped by Ummar son of Khattab r.a Second Caliph of Muslims. Then Shiites claimed that Hazrat Ummar r.a had no authority to cancel any order of Koran. Sunni say that and also try to prove that this order of said marriage was cancelled by Prophet pbuh but announced in reign of Hazrat Umar r.a. Here its confusion that if the order was cancelled by Prophet pbuh then why First Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakar Sadiq r.a did not implement that cancellation and why BAdullah bin Umar son of Second Caliph said that this order was cancelled by my father and did not why he cancelled. However it not means to criticize Fiqh of Shiites and Sunni. Here the book is added only for knowledge.

Hum Mutta Kiun Kartey Hain

Ummal Baneen was the lady who became the second wife of Hazrat Ali r.a after death of his first wife Fatima r.a (was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad PBUH). Ali r.a and Umm al Baneen had four sons, the eldest was Abbas son of Ali. He was commander of Hussain in Karbala, and its worthy to mention here that Shimar who martyred Hussain r.a was from the same tribe as of Banin. Shimr offered Baneen and his sons to safe side if they left Hussain, but Banin and his sons rejected the offer because in this offer Hussain was not included by Shimr. All sons of Ummal Baneen were martyred in Karabal. She passed away in 64 or 69 A.H. Here in the following book sufficient details about her life has been discussed by Syed Zameer Akhtar Naqi.

Umm Ul Banin (Mother of Abbas son of Ali)

True Man is a famous Imran series story by Mazhar Kaleem MA, hope you will like it.

True Man (Imran Series)

Suspense Digest April 2015, read online and download free from here

Suspense Digest April 2015

Urdu Books, Latest Digests and Magazine: Non-Muslim Citizens of Islamic State

Non-Muslim Citizens of Islamic State

Urdu Books, Latest Digests and Magazine: Non-Muslim Citizens of Islamic State

Non-Muslim Citizens of Islamic State Jafria Jantri for 2015 year, now read online and download free. Know the future of yours and others as well as know about political, economic and social situation of Pakistan. Its not a Almanac but its a spiritual gift for you and your family members and friends. It is need of every one at your homes.Chief Editor of this edition is Muhammad Ayaz Muzamal Shah. Read many supplications and prayers by Imams and Muslim Scholars.

Jafriya Jantri 2015

Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan March 2015 now ready to read online or download free cooking health magazine.

Dalda Ka Dastarkhawan March 2015

Urdu Books, Latest Digests and Magazine: Hezbollah Kaun Hey?

Hezbollah Kaun Hey?