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Dry fire skills at home, without wasting precious ammo. One basic drill that helps you focus on trigger control and sight alignment is the penny drill.

What to do When the Ammos Gone: Dry Fire Drills

How to Cure Common Shooting Mistakes: There are several ways to enhance trigger control. One good exercise is the penny drill. You should be able to dry fire a handgun with a penny on the front sight and not have the penny fall off.

Remmington 700 Tactical

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ArtStation - Submachine GUN High cap, Alex Penescu

Concept Weapons Portfolio by Alex Penescu on ArtStation.

Smith and Wesson, .44 Magnum, guns, revolver, weapons, self defense, protection, 2nd amendment, butterfly knife, America, firearms, munitions #guns #weapons

Smith and Wesson, Magnum, guns, revolver, butterfly knife

Arcus Arrowstar CO2 arrow gun

Arcus Arrowstar arrow gun - this looks like a fun thing to have. But be prepared to have the arrow company on speed dial because you're gonna lose these quickly

Long Range Rifles.

Some Long Range Rifles.

Kimber Ultra Carry II .45 ACP

Kimber Ultra Carry II Pistol w/ Night Sights. I couldn't find my gun on here exactly. But this is the closest minus the night sights and add Rosewood laser grips with a steel slide.

Belt-fed M82....Holy 50. caliber shit!

This is NOT a belt fed weapon, someone is an idiot for even showing it like this. I love the Barrett calibre

The SIG 552 Commando

Guns guns guns and shit.Stress + no sleep = moment of weakness where it was better to avoid situation than say what I felt like I wouldve

Beautiful Custom M&P Shield 9mm

Custom M&P Shield with awesome mag base plates

Budget Bullpup AK: WASR-10 in CBRPS AK Spike X1S Chassis

Budget Bullpup AK: in CBRPS AK Spike Chassis- Nice weapon for close quarters

Top 10 Horrifyingly Dangerous Weapons

Top 10 Horrifyingly Dangerous Weapons

Top 10 Horrifyingly Dangerous Weapons (Why would anyone create such things?

G18C CUSTOM "Machine-Rouge "

Yuri Custom Works - Inspiration for Manu's main gun


Amazing set of Colts. Would LOVE to have these fine guns.

Top 10 Handgun Makes in the US - Guns and Ammo Tips for Self Defense by Survival Life Prepping

10 Best US Handguns

Top 10 Handguns-Guns and Ammo Tips for Self Defense by Survival Life Prepping. I got Sig and Glock, while A has Glock, Sig, and Beretta already.