IMG 8486 Do It Yourself Candle Image Transfers! Perfect for Mothers Day!

Com: IMG 8486 Do It Yourself Candle Image. Perfect for Mothers Day! Here’s what you’re going to need: Pillar Candle Photo Printer White Tissue Paper Plain Printer Paper Tape Scissors Wax Paper Heating tool or a lighter.

Cash is king, right?  I get that, but it’s borring to hand someone a card and a $20 bill. Here are 16 clever ways to give cash as a gift this Christmas (or any holiday for that matter)!

How to Give Cash Creatively

Money for a Rainy day.Get an inexpensive umbrella from the dollar store and dangled bills from the inside so that when opened up – tada! A little something for a rainy day… And tons of other cute ways to give money as a gift.

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