Hot pink is the crave all these while,Kawa is the next cool shit for girls & Vespa is the hot stuff recently. I see so many people riding vespa whenever i

pink vdub

A pink VW! The girly girl thing and the hippie wanna-be thing all going on at the same time.

Pink Ferrari 458

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BMW Black n' Pink...love it

BMW Black n' Pink.this is what I want. A flat black with hot pink!

Pink Smart Car!  How cute is this???!!!

Girly Cars for Female Drivers! It's the dream car for every girl ALL THINGS cars sports cars vs lamborghini

tumblr_mkuloo7Yop1rzekcto1_500.png (500×333)

Destiny wants this car :) Hello Kitsch: Ferrari 360 Owner Takes 'Hello Kitty' Love to Nauseating Extremes - Carscoop

Check out the deal on Knit Motorcycle Cozy sculpture at Eco First Art

Knit Motorcycle Cozy sculpture by Theresa Honeywell. Available at trixieandmilo on Etsy

CHANEL taxis: making London more beautiful - beauty news

Look out for the fleet of 25 Chanel taxis stalking the streets of London, delivering complimentary makeovers, manicures and vouchers, to celebrate the Covent Garden beauty store.


Bucket List: To own a Crotch Rocket. Not big on Pink but this is pretty cool!