Paint Wooden Letter, Add Some Old Book Pages or Music Sheets, or Mod Podge a copy of the marriage certificate or birth certificate to initials.

In the 50s, this was perfection. Clearly, I'm living in the wrong decade.

A girl posted this picture and this what she said about it--"This what I don't want to end up like! Motivation to stay thin and beautiful!" Well that girl is ridiculous! The women in this photo is gorgeous, her body is amazing! Real women have curves!

'tis true.

I'm the type of girl that will burst out laughing at something that happened yesterday. So me i will laugh at something that happened two years ago.

Funny pictures about Therapy Frog. Oh, and cool pics about Therapy Frog. Also, Therapy Frog photos.

Rock your curves.

another perfect bikini body.-) if i would look like this by next summer, i would NEVER go on a diet again. curvy-fashion fitness the-truth lose-weight cook-books

Pinup cats.

Cats that look like pinup girls…

Funny pictures about Cats that look like pinup girls. Oh, and cool pics about Cats that look like pinup girls. Also, Cats that look like pinup girls.

map letters for wall art

Around the World Letter

Around the World Letter - Urban Outfitters; This or if someone is really good with Mod Podge, a map, and wooden letters! Would like enough letters to write above my classroom door, "Go make disciples.

Cats Who Simply Cannot Deny Their Affection For Dogs

We have a picture that's exactly the same! Our golden retriever, Sam, and our tiny kitten, Sherry between her paws.

It's not so much the height as the idea of the fall. oooo this is Aimee.....

Thrill-seeking Canadian photographer Tom Ryaboi is one of the pioneers of “rooftopping”, the practice of climbing to the tops of skyscrapers and shooting pictures off the edge.