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【西武池袋本店】私の針仕事展 - YouTube

【西武池袋本店】私の針仕事展 - YouTube


they can be sweet! It's what they're thinking that gets me! westies: My parents raised this wonderful dogs when I was little. I can't help but remember my childhood when I see one of these cute terriers!


Cute and curious, Alpaca. I'm wondering if this is the Ringling retirement ranch for their Circus Elephants(note background). It has to be this country. The Elephants are Asian, and Alpacas(Llamas) are South American.

"Sweet Baby :)" I agree, Previous Pinner~~ :) A has always loved ducks-- they're one of her top picks on animals. And this is very fitting because she sounded like a little duck whenever she first cried after she was born.