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Skeletal remains of the Ecuador Giants. Just below the skeleton you can see a display of a life size human for reference. This must be at least 60-65 feet tall. There are other giant skeletons which have been discovered all over the world, unfortunately they have been 'hidden away' in the vaults of Universities and Museums.


UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Ancient Martian Soldier Found On Mars In NASA Photo, Nov 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Russos filmam UFO Pirâmide no Espaço - YouTube

this is details of admiral byrd's journal and log.....could be satan masquerading as an angel of light.....because I don't trust anything or anyone who resides in the subterranean

UFO mothership arrives in Turkey through Interdimensional Portal ! Nov 2016 ??.....fake???

An Underground City Of Giants Discovered In The Grand Canyon If only the world’s buried cities would rise up someday…but they won’t. They are almost impossible to find but stories about rediscovered cities once inhabited by a race of giants will...