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Dump the Plump

{Please read the following in your best drill instructor voice} Ladies (both literal and figurative), the holidays are over and it’s time to get your nasty bodies off the couch, throw away those Christmas cookies and get back to your pre-holiday figure. Marines don’t make excuses and we won’t let you either. Use these pins to motivate you to get out there and run, walk, lift and swim your way to be fit to fight.
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Marines Semper Fi

Marines Boot

Buzz Cut

Physical Fitness

Physical Training

Marine Recruits

Brink Released

Help Marine

Recruit Training

A Marine recruit muscles his way through an obstacle course during boot camp (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Caitlin Brink/Released)

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Shopping Ideas

Holiday Shopping

U S Marine

Marine Corps

Year Complete

Gear Marines

Start 2013

Gym Required

Treading Water

Complete with cammies and gear, Marines take swimming to a whole new level.

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Warrior Spirit

Body Warrior

Wounded Warriors

2012 Marine

The Marine

Marine Corps

Lost Weight


Pin Board

It's not about what you CAN'T do. It's about what you CAN do.

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Service Battalion

Battalion Marine

Water Running

Land Running

Running Builds

Normal Running

Normal Workout

Conducts Water

Reagan Lodge

Too cold to run outside? Hit the pool for a water-running workout.

Running With A Splash | Marines Magazine

Guts Workout

Nice Workout

Exercise Workout

Workout Stuff


Marine Workouts

Goal Workouts

Killer Workouts

Challenge Exercise

Try these Marines' killer workouts if you are up to the challenge.

Ready To Rumble | Marines Magazine

Left Eye

Left Leg

Heroes Wear

Our Heroes

Corps Trials

2012 Marine

Warrior Board

Photography Porn

Body Spirit

What drives and motivates you?

Wounded Body Warrior Spirit (Cpl. Josue Barron) | Marines Blog

Marines Oorah

Women Marines

Female Marines

Marine Recruits

Perform Pull

States Marine

Sports Women

Fitness Journey

Fitness Haha Ha

Work some muscle-building pull-ups to your daily workout routine.

So Long Flexed Arm Hang | Marines Blog

Wounded Soldiers

Wounded Warriors

Military Photos

Military Heroes

Military Motivation

Lack Motivation

Amputee Marine

Lost Sight

2012 Marine

For those days when you lack motivation.

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Marines Blog

Us Marines

Exercise Feeling

Exercise Tips


Real Pull

Pull Up

Things Alex

Essentially Studly

Thinking of building up your upper body? Make sure you know the proper way to build upper body strength first.

Balancing the Weights | Marines Blog

Military And

Military Photos

Military Heros

Military Pride

Marine Pride

Marine M O M

Division Photo

Marine Division

Troops Wounded

When life knocks you down, get back on your feet again.

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Fitness 2016

Navy Fitness

Fierce Fitness

Fitness Fuel

Fitness Junkie

2 Workout

States Marines

Raise Money

New Year'S Resolutions

For his New Year's Resolution, this Marine did 1 million pushups in one year to raise money for wounded warriors.

Pushing Yourself to the Limit | Marines Blog

Forces Elite Shape

Special Forces Elite

Fancy Things

Jamie'S Things

Marine Corps Fitness

Quality Healthcare

Healthcare Training

Affordable High

Marine Workout Training

Do you have what it takes to complete the Marine Corps obstacle course?

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Military Forces

Military Usmc

Armed Forces

Infidel 3 Milso

Life Infidel

Usmc Stuff

Military Stuff

Hero S Forgotten

Forgotten Stories

Even on those days when life gets you down, find a way to get on top.

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Usmc Fitness

Fitness Nice

Workout Fitness

Fitness Care

Fitness Bout

Motivation Fitness

Improve Fitness

Health And Fitness Tips

Jedi Training

To improve your fitness, go straight to the core.

Getting Straight to the Core | Marines Magazine

India Company

Company 3Rd

3Rd Platoon

Battalion 3Rd

Garrett Carnes

Cpl Garrett


Attack Feb

Device Attack

How's this for some motivation?

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Unnecessary Injury

Prevent Unnecessary

Grandson Usmc

Body Image

Marine Corps

The Marine

Photography Art

Goal Workouts

Help Prevent

Stretching out your muscles after a workout will help prevent unnecessary injury.

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Tire Exercises

Yoga Workouts

2 Workout

Workout Ideas

Health Healthy

Healthy Eating

Review Photo

Photo Competition

Tire Flipping

Tire flipping is a workout that will leave your muscles burning.

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Workout Buddy

Workout Diet

Marines Workouts

Grandson Usmc

Beach Run

Marine Corps

The Marine

Man'S Club

Living Better

Having a workout buddy can help you push yourself to the next level.

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Games Cycling

Cycling Practice

Corps Sgt

Corps Flag

Marine Corps

Cycling Shooting

Field Cycling

Shooting Archery

Springs Colo

You're never too old for a bike ride.

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Workout Stuff

To Get





Marine Corps

Lost Weight

Exercise Tips

Sports are a great way to get a workout while having fun.

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Marines Workout

Marines Semper Fi

Motivated Everyday

Fitness Motivation

Athlete Motivation

Crossfit Beast

Military Life

Bodybuilding Fitness

Inspirational Pin

No challenge is too big to overcome.

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Peace Times

Main Verte

Usual Cardio


Heathy Ways

Wonderful Water

Military Veterans

Exercise Tips


Swimming can be a great break from your usual cardio workouts.

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Building Foods

Body Building

Pool Isn T



Soldier Training

Main Verte

Us Marine Corps


Don't worry, swimming with a rifle at the pool isn't necessary for a great workout.

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Exercise Motivation

Exercise Ideas

Exercise Fitness


Fitness Health

28 2012


Love Beautiful Body

Camp Leatherneck

Morning runs are a great way to start a productive day.

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3Rd Marines

Marine Infantry

Infantry Regiment

The Marine

Marine Wife

Deployed Marine

237Th Birthday

Grandson Usmc

Marine Corps Bases

Getting out for a jog with friends is a great way to get cardio workouts into your day.

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