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Dump the Plump

{Please read the following in your best drill instructor voice} Ladies (both literal and figurative), the holidays are over and it’s time to get your nasty bodies off the couch, throw away those Christmas cookies and get back to your pre-holiday figure. Marines don’t make excuses and we won’t let you either. Use these pins to motivate you to get out there and run, walk, lift and swim your way to be fit to fight.

Dump the Plump

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A Marine recruit muscles his way through an obstacle course during boot camp (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Caitlin Brink/Released)

Complete with cammies and gear, Marines take swimming to a whole new level.

  • Tineke York
    Tineke York


  • Roseann Fisco Douglas
    Roseann Fisco Douglas

    I am so impressed with their abilities in the water. I never learned how to swim and could never do what they do.

  • Marlene Ansley
    Marlene Ansley


It's not about what you CAN'T do. It's about what you CAN do.

  • Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York
    Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

    You all are amazing heroes in every sense of the word.

  • Stephanie Hughes-Cross
    Stephanie Hughes-Cross

    Ooorah great inspiration..thank you for all you do for our country!

  • Meghie Gallagher
    Meghie Gallagher

    things like this are so inspiring because if he can do it...then so can i!!!

  • Jøsiah


  • Wanda Tyus
    Wanda Tyus

    Oorah!!! :)

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Too cold to run outside? Hit the pool for a water-running workout.

Running With A Splash | Marines Magazine
  • Deborah Wolfe-Solomon
    Deborah Wolfe-Solomon

    oh my

  • Pamela VetteGyrl
    Pamela VetteGyrl


  • Soaps All
    Soaps All


  • marcia willi
    marcia willi


  • Sharon Ferguson
    Sharon Ferguson

    now that is running

Try these Marines' killer workouts if you are up to the challenge.

Ready To Rumble | Marines Magazine
  • John Nolan
    John Nolan

    Ya no predo! Two artificial knees! Thanks for the invite anyway N Alejandra.

  • N Alejandra Lòpez Jimènez
    N Alejandra Lòpez Jimènez

    Pero igual te aseguro que aun así tienes mas determinación que muchos , y experiencia para dirigir un entrenamiento :) y gracias por comentarlo y mucho gusto John Nolan

  • John Nolan
    John Nolan

    El gusto es mi yo! Son los anos, Comadre!

  • N Alejandra Lòpez Jimènez
    N Alejandra Lòpez Jimènez


  • John Nolan
    John Nolan

    Feliz Ano Neuvo! N Alejandra! Es serto que la Experiencia, es que mi to do bombo!

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What drives and motivates you?

Wounded Body Warrior Spirit (Cpl. Josue Barron) | Marines Blog
  • marcia willi
    marcia willi

    Such symbolism,am wondering what is on the artificial limb though

Work some muscle-building pull-ups to your daily workout routine.

So Long Flexed Arm Hang | Marines Blog
  • Franchesca Rivera
    Franchesca Rivera

    My sgt

For those days when you lack motivation.

  • JJ Jackson
    JJ Jackson


Thinking of building up your upper body? Make sure you know the proper way to build upper body strength first.

Balancing the Weights | Marines Blog

When life knocks you down, get back on your feet again.

For his New Year's Resolution, this Marine did 1 million pushups in one year to raise money for wounded warriors.

Pushing Yourself to the Limit | Marines Blog
  • Zach Bren
    Zach Bren

    Did he achieve the goal?

  • Marlene Ansley
    Marlene Ansley

    Good for him! I LOVE the Marines! Semper Fi!!

  • Kathy Henderson
    Kathy Henderson

    Semper Fi! Love the Marines

Do you have what it takes to complete the Marine Corps obstacle course?

  • Mary Ross
    Mary Ross


  • Klaudia Mora Rivas
    Klaudia Mora Rivas

    hell nooo! I admire those who have such skill

  • Lisa Hall
    Lisa Hall


  • Massage Virginia Beach
    Massage Virginia Beach

    hell yeah, OORAH! fun times--wish i had one in my back yard

Even on those days when life gets you down, find a way to get on top.

To improve your fitness, go straight to the core.

Getting Straight to the Core | Marines Magazine
  • Ebony Hurt
    Ebony Hurt

    i will work on my core before attempting upper/lower body... great advice

  • Kelli I Am
    Kelli I Am

    Very nice!

  • Aby Mead
    Aby Mead

    Very very nice!

  • Pat Danes
    Pat Danes


How's this for some motivation?

  • Taffy Laprade
    Taffy Laprade

    Us marines are awesome.ooh-rah!!!!

Stretching out your muscles after a workout will help prevent unnecessary injury.

Tire flipping is a workout that will leave your muscles burning.

  • Nikkie Nichole PT
    Nikkie Nichole PT

    I want one of those tires!!!

  • Monica Gutierrez
    Monica Gutierrez

    My gym does do they hurt all over!! :)

  • Nikkie Nichole PT
    Nikkie Nichole PT

    My father has a farm in Va, Ihubs & I are transferring back there and I'm going to fipping lots of them.

Having a workout buddy can help you push yourself to the next level.

  • Brett Baxendale
    Brett Baxendale

    Sounds like a plan

You're never too old for a bike ride.

  • marcia willi
    marcia willi

    Wish I had one

Sports are a great way to get a workout while having fun.

No challenge is too big to overcome.

  • Shannon Mac
    Shannon Mac

    This is truly incredible. What is more incredible is that there is a woman (I believe) helping pull!

  • U.S. Marines
    U.S. Marines

    Yes, you're right. It is a female Marine.

  • Yolanda Fae
    Yolanda Fae

    God Bless our Marines!!!

  • Frank Rigelwood
    Frank Rigelwood

    My son and I used to (push) my car for a three mile run/jog when he was a teen as part of a work out program. He didn't care for me much at times back then, he understands now though that's what matters. Simper Fi

  • Nathan Weir
    Nathan Weir

    Thank you to all those who serve our blessed country!

Swimming can be a great break from your usual cardio workouts.

Morning runs are a great way to start a productive day.

  • Delia du Plessis
    Delia du Plessis

    Yup I agree!! I just need to get up!! :)

  • amLO

    also runs at the end of the afternoon :)

Getting out for a jog with friends is a great way to get cardio workouts into your day.