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bottle wall

I want to find a way to make a small bottle wall in the grandchildren's fairy hut.wouldn't a glass bottle wall be cool in a treehouse

bottle_fence+-+Indulgy.jpg (552×552)

bottle fence - drill hole in each bottle and run a rebar through it. Lovely when the sun hits it. photo because I love the idea of creating a bottle-fence. (Remember this garden bottle-wall?

blessed wild apple girl

Amazing greenhouse room built of old auto windshields, with stained glass siliconed to inside. Shelter Publications, Inc. recycling old Auto windshields / parts

The Warka Water Tower pulls moisture from the air and condenses it into usable water. This could be a way for communities in drier and dessert climates to collect water without spending hours a day, freeing them up to spend time on education and other activities.

21 Technologies That Are Decentralizing The Economy And Bringing Real Power Back To The People - Walden Labs

Proyecto WARKA: Torres de Bambú que recogen Agua Potable desde el Aire

Warka WaterTower / Architecture and Vision The Warka Water project is a vertical system of water collecting by condensation. Made by Architecture and Vision is based on traditional Ethiopian.

Water from air...

WarkaWater: collettore di acqua potabile e comunità - Design Context

Proyecto WARKA: Torres de Bambú que recogen Agua Potable desde el Aire

Brilliant WarkaWater Towers Collect Drinking Water from Thin Air in Ethiopia

architecture and vision collects potable water with warka tower

the tree-shaped 'warka water' tower developed by architecture and vision is a vertical system that collects drinking water from the air by condensation.