Offal That's Not Awful!

Intimidated by organ meats? Hearts, livers, kidneys - oh my! Adventurous recipes and general tips for incorporating more nutrient-dense organ meats in your daily diet. Enjoy!
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Learn To Love Liver (or Where To Hide It

21 recipes to help you love liver (or figure out where to hide it) from

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Vitamins K1 and K2: Beyond Blood Clotting

Vitamins K1 and K2: Beyond Blood Clotting! - Autoimmune Paleo Did you know that Organ Meats (especially liver) are a good source of K2 while on the Autoimmune Protocol.

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"Why Cooking Liver isn't so Scary" by One Full Plate! Check it out for inspiration and a great Chicken Liver recipe!

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100+ Ways to Eat More Organ Meats - The Ultimate Offal and Odd Bits Recipe Round-Up

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Tania Teschke Photography/The Bordeaux Kitchen's French Sweetbreads. Use Veal or Lamb Sweetbreads for this light, refreshing meal. #offal #oddbits #nosetotail

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Why Everyone Should Be Eating Organ Meat by @thepaleomom

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