HERO(S) ON BOARD: releasing smoke and flares. "Angels Flight" is the call sign for a USA carrying a fallen hero/heroes on board. This is their "salute" when releasing the flares as it looks like an Angel with wings.

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day 24 Pics

starin a hole though someone. yes sir the whole trouth and nothing but.

Soldiers deserve more

A soldier should be paid more.especially those losers (aka SF one.he needs to give our money back) that sit during the National Anthem representing this country that our military and law enforcement put their lives on the line for!

Oh, yeah.

Real - you can see my face -GOOD- It will be the last your rag head ass sees, a dishonor to the Muslim faith

Sheriff Deputies's photo.

Laws regarding animal cruelty needs to change. People need to be held accountable. are officers just like their human counterparts. The law shouldn't discriminate because one has fur and walks on four legs.

You know who I love? Cops. Yes people that's right. I love those heartless monsters. Why? Because they're protecting us, care for our safety and risk their lives. Stop the hate. They're not all bad.

I will fully admit, there are some corrupt and hateful cops. But don't blame all of them. Are some black people criminals? And there are white criminals, too. But don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

K9 gettin' the bad boys...and they do scream like little girls !!

Bethel Park Police Unit Officer Unto my brother in law always wanted to have this :'((