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Tomb of Pope Alexander VII, Vatican City

Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s last work in the St. Peter’s Basilica, The tomb of Pope Alexander VII, Vatican

Mozart city - What to see and do in Salzburg, Austria: http://bbqboy.net/what-to-see-and-do-in-salzburg-austria/ #salzburg #austria

MOZART STATUE on the Mozart Place opposite the Cafè Glockenspiel . Actually Mozart was a small guy and very funny and a little cheeky - here he is shown as a tall everything overthinking man .

THE PANTHEON, ROME, ITALY. From it's windowless exterior, is still standing after almost 1900 years & has the most perfect proportions of any building on earth.

This is The Pantheon located in Rome, Italy. This building was built between AD and it was built with no windows. It is said to have the perfect proportions on earth. It is now a church and was a Roman temple. It was built during the reign of Agustus.