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You don't inspire others by being perfect. You inspire others by how you deal with imperfections. I Love Lucy.

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I'll see you on the other side of the stars. Another Christmas without you. I'll be telling it this year dad. I hope you will be listening up in heaven. I love you dad!

Instant Human

Vintage Coffee Signs ~ Wishing you a fun, wide awake kind of day❤️

I'm lost, will you help me home?

This pug puppy looks sad. I want to snuggle it and make it better!

pooh bear!

Well, Halloween is fast approaching. Here are a couple of cute photos of Doggies in Costume. (If your dog hates costumes, please don’t make them were them; just sayin’) Aww Sweet Pooh Bear Puppy.

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Poem that Pug owners can relate to! 'Pug Morning' is cute and somewhat true. I think it is a joy, a pleasure and a thrill to see Lulu every morning!