upcycled glass bottle art & diy prjects

upcycled glass bottle art & diy prjects

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Necklace Display Idea - make a wooden board to fit over a wine bottle. (Maybe fill the bottom of the bottle with sand for stability).

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alter bottles and hang from branch

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recycled glass wine bottle necklace

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Experimenting with recycled glass. Attemped to make tray by flat slumping 4 glass coke bottles. I was disapointed that the paint did not hold up to firing process. Decided then to try and tack some recycled glass pieces to tray. Green is course frit from green wine bottles. White is medium frit from clear wine bottle. Lots of trapped bubbles. Pink is some COE 90 frit. To see more recycled glass: www.etsy.com/...

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Great idea! Wine Bottle Weathervane - Pouring Wine Bottle Photo, the "glasses" on the directionals have red glass in them, so it looks like the wine bottle is filling them up as the wind turns the bottle.

Wine Weathervane


Upcycled/Recycled/Repurposed Glass Bottle Garden Art Dragonfly

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  • helene

    C'est vraiment une belle idée pour le jardin !

  • Terry Herron
    Terry Herron

    Oiu !

Window made from reycled glass bottles

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Love branches for decor

5 Low Cost Big Impact DIY Branch Centerpieces

  • LKW .
    LKW .

    beautiful! how do i make the crochet shell?

Cut an old glass bottle and turn it into a mug. I've made a bottle glass before; clever idea to make it into a mug.

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30 Amazing Diy Bottle Lamp Ideas

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newly available power LED lights have enabled these innovative bottle lamps

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  • Nick Jager
    Nick Jager

    These look really awesome!

make planters out of wine bottles - Google Search

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20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects | Turn a mason jar into a cute soap dispenser!

20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects (with pictures)


Missing socks

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The My Hero Project - Michael Reynolds - Michael Reynolds is a self-described "guy who's trying to do some sustainable housing for the future."

The My Hero Project - Michael ReynoldsGarbage Warrior


recycled bottles around a window

Graeme North Architecture: Ecodesign Examples Showcase


Louise Durham

Louise V Durham: Louise V Durham's bespoke stained glass artworks


DIY liquor bottle candles. Follow same intrusions as beer bottle glasses. Use yarn soaked in nail polish remover, tied about the bottle at the breaking point and then light it on fire. Let burn for 20-30 seconds rotating constantly, then dip into ice water. Bottle will break exactly where the yarn was tied!

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  • Turd Fergeson
    Turd Fergeson

    I have found for Jack Daniels bottles that it is easier and looks nicer to use a diamond drill bit. It takes longer, but it is worth the end product for sure!

Cut Bottles Become a Candelabra, Drinking Glasses and More

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Bottle cap candles - burn 1 to 1.5 hours, great for travel or to use when you're entertaining on the deck at night and so easy to make!

How to: Bottle cap candles


This is a beautiful, unique, and rustic one of a kind, hand-crafted bird feeder. It is sculpted pine with a rustic and durable slate base.

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Emma’s Decoration Blog


Wine Bottle Betta Fish Tank Aquarium...cute for the kitchen.

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21 Pottery Barn Inspired DIYs

21 Pottery Barn Inspired DIYs


* would be awesome in the gameroom/man's cave* DIY Lamp.. I made one of these using a demo wine bottle and it turned out great!! Just buy the bottle lamp kits at walmart!

Happy Home: Creative Future Hubster