Two Biomimicry Engineering Adventures from TAME! Hands-on #STEM activities challenging middle school and high school students to build robot hands and flowers, to think like biologists and biomedical engineers! #LonestarSTEM #teaching #education #biology #robotics #building #maker #DIY

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DeSTEMber: Solar Homes

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This small functional wind turbine is a great way to teach kids about renewable energy and it also can light up LED lights, making it a nice addition to a garden.

Make a small wind turbine that kids can help build

Simple Biomedical Engineering Workshop: Muscles and elbows.

Nerdy Science: Biomedical Engineering - Elbows and muscles

Learn about the engineering design process and electrical circuits by building a dance pad that sounds a buzzer or flashes a light when stepped on.

eGFI – For Teachers » Lesson: Dance Pad Mania

Two LED lights and a button cell battery, make your own Blinky Bug!

Blinkybug (Maker Faire version)

Mechanical Engineering: Make a fast, two-wheeled car powered by a rubber band

DESIGN SQUAD NATION . Build | Rubber Band Car | PBS KIDS GO!

Be a Mechanical Engineering: Create your own catapult!

Mini Siege Engines

Electrical Engineering: Fun with Electrical Circuits and Dough

Squishy Circuits - How To

Be an Aerospace Engineer: Create a Straw Launcher

PVC Paper Rocket Launcher

Be a Petroleum Engineer: Create an Oil-Burning Rock Lamp

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