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Developing interpersonal relationships with other organizations is very important to Lambda Phi Epsilon. We respect and build rapport with not just other houses, but other organizations and programs on campus as well. Mixers are a sociable way for individual members to meet entirely new people, as well as strengthen bonds from existing relationships.


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#Kickback barbecue with ChiSigs at the Lambda House.

Lambdas and aKDPhi kick off summer vacation with a #barbecue mixer at the Lambda House! Nothing better feeds fun in the sun.

Lambdas and KDPhis shared a #hotel and explored Houston together for National Convention!

Betas, Kappas, and Lambdas sell out their pre-sale tickets to their #Mayhem 2012 spring venue party. This was the first time where historically underrepresented Greek houses from different councils (National Pan-Hellenic Council and the United Greek Council) collaborated to throw a social event for the college community. Photo credit: @uwstudentlife

Lambdas organize a game night mixer with #aKDPhi. How does one do game night without any board games? Well we found a way to do it. The beautiful ladies from our national sister sorority were feeling bored so they hit us up with a text, "where the games at?" Clearly we had to oblige.

Game Night Mixer with aKDPhi | Facebook

Lambdas host an Eval-U-Date mixer with #aKDPhi, #XSA, and #SYZ. Unique to our fraternity, this mixer randomly match ladies from supporting sororities with Lambdas on an exclusive date in honor of #Valentines. All rides are provided and the litany of planned date events around Downtown Seattle is covered by the fraternity. At the end of the night, dates evaluate the Lambdas on how successful the night was and if she would be interested in future dates.

Lambdas and Sigmas sled down Greek Row during the university-wide #snowday closure. Seattle is the rainy city, not the snowy city. Whenever we do get a considerable amount of snow, the city retreats into a state of emergency and campus shuts down. This only means one thing: an impromptu mixer. Who doesn't like frolicking in the snow? The ladies were very impressed with out makeshift sled.

Sigma Snow Day Mixer | Facebook

Lambdas and Chi Sigs form a #humanpyramid as one of the activities of the "Gameworks" mixer. Who would have thought so many of our brothers had such nimble mobility and strength? This magnificent feat of human engineering arose during a mixer with the ladies of Chi Sigma Alpha. Look at those Lambdas build a strong foundation!

Lambdas get our #groove on at our dessert night mixer with #SYZ. After a stressful week of studying, sometimes all you want to do is load on the calories. Given a few hundred thousand calories worth of sweets and an active imagination, you can create your own kind of fun.

Lambdas program a #gingerbread house and Christmas sweater social with Sigma Psi Zeta. It's a shame really, gingerbread house building to Christmas is like pumpkin carving to Halloween; a lost art. It seems like everyone is too busy to practice art themselves and instead of engaging in this fun activity, they pay others for their holiday decor. At the Lambda house, we always take time out to appreciate good art, especially if it's fun for the whole family.

Lambdas put together a #pumpkin carving mixer with Chi Sigma Alpha.

Frankie leads an ice breaker at the "Lift Off" mixer with aKDPhi.

White elephant gift exchange with ChiSigs (christmas holidays)

White Elephant Gift Exchange | Facebook